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Many companies struggle today to keep their employees motivated and productive. Sometimes, it is hard to tell where the problems are hiding and a complete analysis of the problem may be required, but before you proceed with this costly and resource-consuming task, take a look at some very obvious productivity issues you might have ignored.

Small things like bad lighting or a noisy environment can easily alter the quality of your employees’ work, making them more irritable and hard to motivate.

Here are the most common workplace productivity issues and some suggestions to how you may easily fix them:

1. Parking spaces are insufficient or too far

Corporations are in a continuous expansion today and this means that their size is growing, the number of buildings is growing, the number of workers, of cars that fill their parking lots every day, and as they try to extend the number of parking spaces to a maximum, some employees find themselves in the position of having to cross huge spaces to get to their office. Others may lose a considerable amount of time trying to find a spot to park their car, a very stressful and tiring daily operation.

Easy Fix: Find a workplace app your workers can use to reserve a spot for their cars. When other employees are on vacations, they can use their spaces.

2. The place is too noisy

Open floor plans may seem a good idea as they ensure communication and the building of stronger relations between employees, thus leading to enhanced teamwork and productivity. But sometimes the working space may become too crowded and it may get difficult for your employees to concentrate. A single phone that rings every minute while you try to work can drive you mad. Now imagine 30 phones ringing and 30 people answering them and engaging in conversations.

Easy Fix: You can arrange a retreat for your employees, few private offices they can reserve whenever they need to work in a quieter environment.

3. Working equipment is old

A computer that breaks down every two hours, or takes a huge amount of time to run programs can lower productivity. Used chairs can cause your employees back problems and pain that will distract them from their work. Old squeaking floors can create additional stress. Your young employees, who use high speed-internet, cellphones, and printers daily at home, will find it difficult to master outdated technology.

Easy Fix: Invest in new furniture and technology. A great workplace, where everything works properly, is an efficient workplace. You may even attract new and better candidates as everybody is interested in finding a modern and comfortable workplace.

4. The level of humidity can alter your employees’ health

Depending on the workplace location, humidity can become a real problem, especially in the cold season when its level gets very low. Computers and office technology also contribute to this problem as they tend to heat and dry the air. This can cause your employees to experience dry throat or skin, sore eyes and even more complex symptoms that can cause serious problems like the Sick Building Syndrome. Low humidity has also been associated with flu and asthma.

Easy Fix: Some may say that the noise produced by a humidifier is a greater and even more annoying source of stress than the discomfort created by low levels of humidity. I guess you just have to find the most quiet humidifier.

5. Long and tiring schedules

A 40-45 hours workweek is a good week. But what happens when your employees have such a great volume of work that they must add at least 2 to 3 hours to their daily working schedule or even work weekends? For the employer, this may seem a good deal as he/she may assume that more work equals more money, but for the long run, this will prove to be a real issue for the employees’ productivity. The extra time they spend at work is a cut from their family time and this will eventually lead to frustration.

Easy Fix: Remember, people have their own lives outside the workplace and they need their time to relax and rest. Use technology to solve repetitive tasks. A computer can lift a lot from your employees’ shoulders if you buy the right software.

6. You ask too much from your employees

Motivation is very important and the employer should set some standards to keep the business running, but when the bar is set to an unrealistic level and no employee is ever able to reach it, a big problem emerges. Squeezing a huge amount of work in very small intervals of time may make the staff members feel overwhelmed.

Easy Fix: Just listen to your employees. Organize short monthly meetings on this subject and discuss with them the volume of work. Encourage them to express their discontent and adjust things accordingly.

January 2022