Why the Fashion Industry Needs an Intervention on Substance Abuse

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Everything glamorous, perfect and sparkling. This is how many imagine the fashion industry. Needless to say, while it can be glamorous, there are also some dark spots that came in wide audience’s attention now and then. Drugs and the fashion industry have been intertwined for as long as we remember, but this doesn’t mean that the fashion industry doesn’t need a large-scale intervention and rehab admission. But why have been drugs so widely embraced by models since the dawn of the fashion industry? Weight loss, mainly. It’s a well-known fact that models are under constant pressure to maintain their ideal fashion industry weight or even drop a few pounds.

Drugs and Glam

For many, using illicit substances is a recreational method. However, for models worldwide, this is their mean to maintain a certain weight, the weight that will allow them to enter shows and photoshoots. Staying thin, whatever the costs is certainly an unhealthy mindset, to which, unfortunately, models are pushed into. Many models in the industry have serious cocaine addiction issues because cocaine acts as a stimulant and makes the model more energetic, keeps their bodies running for longer. However, a common side-effect is appetite loss. At numerous luxury ayahuasca centers for treating addiction, models are admitted each day with cocaine addictions. The glam is a façade, in the fashion industry’s case, a façade that has to fall.

The Issue Has to Stop

Promoting an unhealthily slim figure and drug abuse shouldn’t happen in a normal society. While lately, big fashion brands have changed their approach, models still have severe addiction problems. The fashion industry has to put a stop to drug abuse. But how? There should be some laws that get models tested against drug use on a regular basis, like many other workplaces do. But will this be effective? Most probably, it will be difficult to implement a similar initiative. However, until then, models should consider therapy and rehab options.

Seeking Professional Help

Seeking professional in the fashion industry is not always easy. However, all models that are regular substance users should look forward to getting themselves admitted into drug rehab ibogaine treatment centers and solve their substance abuse issue. Although nobody can force the fashion industry to introduce regular screenings against substance abuse, models can try and do what’s best for them. Finding specialized help should be easy enough, as there are multiple therapy centers available. Reputable centers have a holistic approach, treating first the mental mechanisms that lead to abuse and then treating the abuse itself. This is by far a more effective treatment option than regular ones.

Drug abuse is never a topic easy to discuss, but having a good health instead of a slim body should be a priority in the fashion industry. Maybe the body acceptance movement will make the fashion industry realize that endangering their worker’s health is not the most important thing. Also, all models that are facing substance abuse issues should seek professional help as soon as possible.

August 2022