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If you are by any chance visiting the wonderful Riviera Maya for the first time, prepare for a huge surprise. Pictures do not do this destination justice, as you will soon discover that it is ten times more beautiful when seeing it live. Riviera Maya first impresses tourists through its modern looking resorts. Quickly after travelers have been introduced to luxury, this destination offers them the chance to take part in some rather spectacular tours and trips, sure to make any vacation memorable. If you are wondering what to do in Riviera Maya, here are a few options, three to be more precise.

The Tulum Xtreme Mayan Ruins

This tour brings together all the elements that make Riviera Maya a top holiday destination. When signing up for this tour, you will be able to get a closer look of the impressive ruins of what was once an amazing port. Once you are done exploring Tulum, also known as the Walled City, you begin your journey through the jungle and even discover an underground river.  Imagine swimming and snorkeling in the deep Mayan natural pits, imagine the thrill and the excitement.  Since you will be spending an entire day exploring the Tulum area, you will of course have the chance to taste traditional food.

The incredible Xcaret Park

Adventure enthusiasts should make it their priority to take part in the amazing Xcaret park tour. This is the place where excitement, nature and tradition come together, offering the tourist a one in a lifetime experience. You get to see the natural beauty of the Yucatan Peninsula, known in all parts of the world. The impressive Mayan jungle is waiting for adventurous tourists to show them its beauty. Tradition comes later on in the evening, when all adventures have reached their end and brave tourists are in need of a reward. It is then that traditional music and food take over the Xcaret Park and tourists are offered a show of lights, illustrating the history of Mexico.

Discovering Rio Secreto

This is probably the most surprising tour you could possibly take part in. The Rio Secreto is actually a natural beauty, one that was a secret for a long time, being only recently discovered. Now that the secret is out, tourists from all parts of the world line up to take this marvelous tour. Experience an underground journey and witness the beauty of nature. Make sure you take your bathing suit with you and if you have an underwater camera, definitely bring it along. This certainly is a mind-blowing experience you cannot miss out on.

October 2022