Using Technology to Improve Your Hair Salon Business

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Even though the economy has generally showed an upward trend over the last few years, business is hard. Regardless of the area or industry you operate in, keeping your business ahead of the curve and fighting the competition is a constant challenge, reason for which you need to make use of all the tools, help and support you can get. Hair salons are very numerous, in all areas, cities and towns, as it is a business that doesn’t necessarily require huge initial investments and appeals to many entrepreneurs. However, it is a business greatly relying on personal relationships and building strong affiliations with clients, so the human factor bears a lot of weight, but there’s no one to say that the human factor cannot benefit from the support and help of technology, more precisely, that of salon booking software, a very useful tool for stylists and salon managers these days.

First of all, there are two different areas in which the salon booking software can help you improve your business: the administrative area and the client portfolio sector. As the name entails, such software will help you more effectively manage your bookings, so that you can ensure maximum time profitability, without overbooking and without wasting time as well. In addition, it is a well-known fact that the most money-draining factor in the hair or beauty salon business is no shows. To that affect, some of these apps have automatic reminders sent to customers to remind them about their appointments and provide them with the option of replying yes or no, so that you can significantly reduce or even completely eliminate the possibility of no shows. From an administrative point of view, these features are highly advantageous and can turn your business around very quickly. Not only that, but there are apps that also offer a stock keeping features, which means you can use the software to monitor your stock levels, so that you never run out of products, but don’t overbuy either.

As far as customer service is concerned, the salon booking software can help you as long as it has a client profile feature. This means that you can actually store all sorts of information about a certain customer within the app, such as when he or she had appointments in the past, what service they’ve preferred, what sort of style they like and so on. All of this will help you create a personalized experience every time that client comes in, making him or her feel special, important and pampered, which is everything that your business relies on. People might go to a salon once because they need a haircut or they need their hair done for a party or an event, but they will only return if they felt spoiled and special while there. The bottom line is that you can and you should use technology to improve your hair salon business, even if this is a business that mainly relies on human relationships.

June 2022