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Porsche is one car provider you don’t one to miss in a lifetime. This well-known brand produces cars that impress people since forever. Not only their cars are powerful as a monster on four wheels, but the looks of them are truly stunning. When it comes to the price, no one can say that a Porsche is an easy to afford car. Edmunds claims that Porsche Cayenne price can be reasonable as long as you opt for a used one. Being such qualitative cars, if you decide to buy a car which had a previous owner you will benefit from the same features and specs at a much smaller price. Here’s what you can get:

Great reliability

A four-door car with everything you can ever wish for equipped on it. An all-wheel drive which can do more than you could ever imagine, the Porsche Cayenne impresses people with its 8-way GTS sport seats which will grant you the opportunity to travel as comfortable as you never did before, making out of the Cayenne the perfect option for a road trip. In the back, you will meet a stunning 40-20-40 folding split bench with a flip forward cushion option. When talking about looks, this car rocks sport leather at its best, while the steering wheel is fully coated in a metal-look which offers a nice luxuriant touch to the interior. This car is not all about looks; it is also reliable and safe by all means.

Powerful engine

The Porsche Cayenne should come with an engine for days given its size and street appearance and that’s exactly what the car producer gave us: a 3.6l twin turbo V6 engine with direct fuel injection, completed by the eight-speed Tiptronic S automatic transmission system and a automatic start-stop feature. Choosing between selectable modes and enjoying the driving experience this car offers is enhanced by the automatic driver control height and the ride control sport adaptive suspensions. With all these feature checked on the list, the Cayenne goes up to 440 horsepower with a cruising range of 422 mi in the city. Budget is not a problem considering the fact that fuel economy combined goes as low as 19 MPG, while in the city you’ll be consuming 16 MPG. This is an ideal situation for the money you will be spending and it is a decision you won’t be regretting in the future.


August 2022