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When choosing a great company car, there are some features that might rank one higher than others. These features come to help the driver and ease their driving experience and others only benefit the company itself, as they provide a more economical alternative. The 2017 Hyundai Elantra seems to be one of those vehicles, as many experts claim and the features it has certainly make out of it an easy to drive and feasible car for business purposes. However, let’s see what features managers should search for when choosing a great company car.

1. Keyless entry and start

Business persons are usually searching for a vehicle that makes it easy for them to access it. Thus, having a vehicle with keyless entry and start, facilitates this, especially if we consider the fact that usually, business persons must carry around plenty of documents, oftentimes boxes of them. And if they have easy access inside their vehicle, the task magically becomes easier. Search for this feature next time you plan to update your company’s vehicle fleet.

2. Bluetooth connection

Business persons usually search for this feature in their company cars because they must constantly stay on the phone when driving from meeting to meeting. However, they must still respect the law and for this it is highly important for them to have some sort of connection that allows them to have a conversation without physically holding their smartphones. Also, some cars with this type of connection can even read your messages, aspect which comes as an enormous benefit.

3. Cruise control

Business people usually face the prospect of remaining without their license due to over the limit speeds. However, the cruise control features allows them to set a given maximum speed and avoid passing the normal one. This feature comes incorporated in most of the modern vehicles currently available on the market.

4. Parking assistance

Corporatists usually travel a lot and a feature like the parking assistance one might in fact come as a great benefit. Damaging your company’s goods is not something you might look forward to, thus, this little gem might come in handy.

These are some of the most relevant features to search for in a new company car. Make sure that you make your employee’s tasks easier and offer them the opportunity of driving safely and comfortable.

August 2022