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There are many people who think that taking care of a bakery is an easy thing to do. But, unfortunately, there are many mistakes which are done by the owners of such businesses, especially because of the lack of experience. Here are the most common of them and also the best ways of avoiding them.

Not choosing the right oven

When it comes to bakery systems and equipment, one of the most important parts is played by the oven. Thus, those who plan to open such business should definitely take care of how they chose it because there are many options. In fact, for a better understanding, you can divide the ovens into two categories: those which are a suitable choice for the mid-sized bakeries and those which can fit better in a larger bakery.


In the first category the experts usually include convection and combination deck ovens, whereas, in the second one, you can find the rotary ones. But this is not all. In the majority of cases, you also need to take into consideration that you need more than one such device. It is an alternative which can help you save both money and time. On the other hand, when you decide to make an investment, you should check the quality. Taking into consideration only the price of the bakery equipment is also a common mistake which is done by beginners. But, in order to see how good a product is, you should read the reviews.

Not paying attention to dimensions and energy consumption

In case you do not pay attention to dimensions, you should not be surprised that they will not fit into your bakery place. Thus, before making any investments check the following details which are related to devices: dimensions and energy-consumption. For example, there are machines which are specially designed for narrow spaces. They are also easy to transport and handle. On the other hand, when it comes to energy consumption, you should know that there are some machines which do not make you dig deep into your pocket when it comes to the energy bill. They are the smart options that you need.

Not investing in marketing strategies

Experts say that, no matter how large or small your business is, you should invest in some marketing strategies, in order to make sure that your business will become popular. Therefore, you can try both traditional and innovative strategies such as creating a social media page for your bakery, designing leaflets and so on. Also, do not forget to create some interesting promotions which will catch the customers’ attention.

Not hiring the right number of employees

Despite the mistakes which are related to bakery equipment and systems, another common one is over or under hiring. Those who are new in this domain cannot correctly estimate how many employees they need for their business. Well, if you want to avoid this mistake, you should take a look at the other bakeries from your city. How many employees have they? You can follow their example. Moreover, when decide to hire someone, check his/ her experience. If you do not have the necessary experience in the bakery industry, you cannot start a business without an expert.



June 2022