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The hospitality business can be a greatly profitable field to operate in. Whether you’re running a small, boutique inn, a large franchise hotel or a fine dining restaurant, this is a business area that can actually strive no matter the economic environment. However, hospitality is not just about having the fanciest hotel, the largest rooms or the best tasting or award winning food, although all of these matter, but also about making people feel special and that’s something only a brilliant hospitality staff can do. This is why it is said that the staff can make or break the hospitality business and why this should be the focal point of your business resources. The importance of the staff is derived from three main attributes, each being equally important, the staff’s knowledge, skills and attitude.

The knowledge

It is utterly important that your hospitality staff is very knowledgeable when it comes to all aspects of your business, but also of the areas surrounding your business, as tourists often rely on the persons attending to them for suggestions and help regarding local attractions, transportation options and other such things, not to mention possible activities within your hotel or establishments. Unfortunately, even though hospitality is a business that relies heavily on the quality of the staff, it is also one of the industries with the highest percentage of employee turnover, especially at the bottom levels, as many people consider this type of job as merely a stepping stone in their career paths. Therefore, more often than they would like, hotels are forced to rely on agency staff to continue their daily operations unhinged, which is why the choice of agency is crucial. As to maintain the level of knowledge mentioned above, it’s also wise to use the same agency, as chances are personnel is already familiar with your business.

The skills

Although is essential for the hospitality staff to have a great understanding and deep knowledge of your business, in order to be able to provide your guests with all the information and details they need, it’s also important that they have the necessary skills to carry their work load. A receptionist should have the organisational and communication skills to provide excellent customer service to your guests, but also master the software and apps used to perform daily tasks, such check in, check out, invoicing and so on. Restaurant staff, for example, should have the necessary skills to serve and attend a table, especially in fine dining establishments. Your staff can be as charming and knowledgeable as possible, it won’t do any good if they can’t actively help your guests.

The attitude

Last, but not least, as already mentioned above, the hospitality business is about making people feel special. Some people are very easy to deal with and it’s a pleasure attending to them, while others may be more difficult and tough, but either way your staff needs to act impeccable. The right attitude is always calm, helpful, respectful, in other words serve with a smile, as they say. This type of attitude goes a long way, even if there sometime are issues and reasonable complaints from your guests.

August 2022