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Managing scheduling in a beauty salon can be a nightmare sometimes, especially if you are still into the classical method that implies using a notebook and a pen and that every employee uses to note customers’ appointments. It is the era of speed and technology, so why not take advantage of this and invest some money in a salon app online that makes everything a lot easier for you. Here are some top tips on smart appointment scheduling you should definitely consider for your beauty salon.

Have an online booking app

As it was previously mentioned, investing in a salon app online is one of the best decisions you can make for your business, since this simple, yet highly efficient tool comes with a series of great benefits. There are numerous tools you can take advantage of nowadays in order to make work easier, faster and more efficient and online software is one very good example. You hire a designer to create your software, present them your needs and expectations related to that software and have the software “delivered” to you in a couple of weeks at most. From now on, booking appointments and scheduling them properly has become a “piece of cake”.

Train your employees on how to properly use it

Once you have invested in an online scheduling app, you also have to consider training your employees in order for them to learn how to use that software. Even though it is meant to be user friendly and easy to use, you should still organize some training sessions to present the app to the employees and to teach what each button on the app does. Having such an app will make things a lot easier for your employees, since they can keep track of the appointments with greater efficiency and chances for them to forget writing down appointments in the notebook or to book an appointment that overlaps another one are significantly lower, which can only be good for your business. The reason is simple – the higher the quality of services you provide them with, the more satisfied your customers will be, not to mention that this can also be a great marketing strategy if you know how to promote it.

Send reminders to your customers

You have definitely heard at least one of your friends or relatives once saying that they were called several times from the beauty salon where they had an appointment in order to either confirm or decline their booking, which in most cases customers consider this both annoying and stressful. You would not want to be that kind of beauty salon manager, this is for sure, but what you can do is send your customers kind reminders sometime between 36 to 48 hours before they have their appointments in order to give you enough time to fit in other appointments in case some of your customers decline.

As you can see, these smart appointment scheduling tips should make things easier for you and should help you provide more efficient services.

January 2022