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Growth is a common goal of entrepreneurs and small businesses in any industry or market. But growth requires expansion and expansion comes with practical issues, such as finding more available office space when there is no space. And with the price of real estate only going upwards, affordability is out of the question. However, this shouldn’t put a damp on businesses’ desire and efforts to grow, as more and more small business owners are embracing the idea of shared office space, mainly because conducting meetings in noisy coffee houses really isn’t the path to success. If you’re running a space hungry start-up or your business has outgrown its current space, then shared rentals may just be the answer, although you need to know how to make it work, especially in terms of storage space, as that’s shared as well.

  1. Choose the right centre


There are many buildings and suites that operate within this market and provide office space for star-ups and small businesses, but different buildings have different rules and you need to find the one that gives you the flexibility you need. For example, not all suites allow signage in the reception area. If you’re looking for brand visibility increase or if you want and need your space to be clearly defined, then you need signage and you need to find a building that allows you to have it. An in-depth market research is absolutely necessary, even if this is just short-term. When you’re comparing potential suites, you have to compare floor space as well, as this is exactly why you need new offices in the first place. Even if you choose space-saving storage solutions, such as mobile shelving systems, you still have to determine a minimum square footage to chase after.


  1. Choose the right storage


Whether it’s files, supplies or even products, storage is an important part of your business and probably takes up a lot of your office space as well. Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing storage solution and don’t be afraid to invest in space-saving ones, like mobile shelving systems, which can actually help you double the storage capacity within the same square area. Either that or they can help you keep the storage volumes in half the space. Mobile units move on tracks and create only one access aisle where it’s needed, as opposed to traditional shelving that requires one access aisle for each run of shelving.


  1. Choose the right services


A good office is about more than having a prestigious address, a nice building or mobile shelving systems that can respond to all your storage needs, although all these factors are important. A good office is also about benefiting from all the services you need for the smooth running of your business and shared rentals are about benefiting from these services while also reducing costs. To that extent, before getting too excited about finding the perfect building, the right square footage or the flexibility you need, make sure you’re not paying unexpected fees for standard services, such as use of copy machines, kitchen use or phone systems.


June 2022