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If you work in the business environment, then you should know that investing in marketing is something mandatory.  Nowadays, online promotion seems to become more and more popular and having a performing web based platform and posting on social network will definitely help you create a strong brand in the virtual space. However, if you want to attract clients directly, then you should know that offline marketing is still a good advertising method. For this reason, you should consider hiring promo staff or collaborating with a professional company offering this type of services. Having people on the ground will actually generate excitement and awareness among potential customers, which is why your promo staff has to be competent and attractive.


Choose your people carefully

Taking into consideration that those who promote your goods or services interact directly with potential clients, they have to have previous experience in terms of human relations. The must know how to approach people and also which is your target audience, in order to make the advertising more efficient. In addition to this, they have to be friendly, nice and extremely polite, because this way they will create a good first impression. Besides that, make sure they are some of the most flexible and open minded employees from your company. This is very useful, because they will have to discuss with all types of people and adapt to a wide variety of situations.


The looks are extremely important

This may sound superficial, but it is extremely true. Remember that people will immediately associate your company and brand with the first people they interact with, and these are the promoters. For this reason, they should not only be good looking, but also look impeccable. Offer them clean neat clothes, which can also work as a uniform: use printed garments, which consist not only in your name, but also your website and contact details. Very often, the promo team is formed of models and hosts or hostesses, because they are skilled, people oriented and nice to talk to.


Get creative and use innovative promotion methods

Most of the times, the promo staff is in charge with staying at a stand and presenting those who are interested all the details they should know about your company. However, you should not limit your advertising only to this: you can organize small competitions, games, plays or other interactive activities, which will definitely attract the attention of passers-by. In order to design such activities, you should work with a professional marketer, because they will definitely have some great ideas suitable to your target audience.


October 2022