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 If you’re a pet-loving business owner, the idea of bringing pets in the office has come through your mind at some point. But, most likely, you then stopped just hen you were about to get excited and asked yourself, “But is it a good idea?” 

Now, let us tell you something: pet owners are happier and less stressed. And, we aren’t saying this, even if it’s pretty obvious to see for anyone, but science actually says it. According to various studies, pet owners live happier lives, are considerably healthier, and live longer. So, is it a good idea to help your employees get the same benefits at work even if they don’t own a pet at home? 

A study published in the International Journal of Environment Research and Public Health shows that pets, especially dogs, in the workplace provide more social support for employees as well as leading for opportunities for coworkers to interact and communicate in a positive setting. 

Moreover, another study found out that nearly 95% of workers who took part in a survey about pets in the office said that the practice could improve their morale, help with work-life balance, work relationships, and improved work hours. 

So, it seems like you have all the reasons to bring pets in the office because science proved that it would only positively impact your employees. Happier employees are, by default, also more productive and creative. So, your business will only win from having a pet or more in the office. 

But is it really that easy? 

Allergic or scared employees?

If you are like the majority of people, you own at least one pet. But this isn’t necessarily the case for everybody. Some of your employees may be allergic to pets’ fur, others may feel scared and uncomfortable around a dog or a cat. Either way, if you want to bring a pet in the office and help your employees with all the benefits mentioned above, you first need to make sure that a pet won’t make them more bad than good. 

Also, when choosing a pet, you need to talk to a veterinær to make sure that he or she is healthy and poses no risk for your employees. There are a few diseases that can be transmitted from pets to people. So, if you decide to bring a pet to the office, make sure that your employees are safe.  

Also, another challenging aspect you need to figure out is where the pet will be staying during nights and vacation days when there’s no one in the office. A dyreklinikk might help for vacation days. 

Talk to your employees

The best way to find out how owning a pet at the office would impact your employees is to ask them for their opinion. If you are thinking about bringing a pet in the office, you’re probably among the cool bosses who can discuss this with their employees. So, ask your workers whether or not they are comfortable with sharing the office with a four-legged friend. 

If you think that your employees might not feel comfortable to speak up openly about their opinion, conduct a survey where all the answers are anonymous. 


January 2022