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Small businesses around the world have been spending quality time deciding on which cloud solutions better suits their unique business model. They often swing between on-premises and cloud computing, with many landing somewhere on the hybrid range of solutions. But no matter how exactly it can benefit your organization, the current reality is that cloud computing enables businesses of every size to grow well beyond their expectations.

With so many industry-specific tools within your reach, Microsoft Azure tops the list for countless reasons.

Microsoft Azure – Short Overview


At its core, Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform with varying solutions, including – Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) that are normally used for storage, analytics, virtual computing, networking and much more. Thereby, Azure can be used to either supplement or replace your on-premises servers and make things easier for your team and other IT tjenester. It is fast, affordable, and flexible, not to mention its pricing and capabilities make it the most reliable cloud offering in the corporate environment. Now let’s see what Azure can do for your small business:

For backup and disaster recovery

Azure can be a reliable backup and disaster recovery tool. Because it’s simple, scalable, secure, and cost-efficient, Microsoft Azure can be easily integrated with other on-premises data protection tools.

Because it’s an entirely cloud-based platform, Azure is by default flexible, which means it can back up your data in different languages, in any OS, and from any location. Also, it lets you choose the frequency and duration of your backup schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).

Unlike the tape backup option, where backup and disaster recovery abilities are limited, Azure site recovery solute can improve your backup with minimal onsite maintenance, offsite replication, and minimal operational costs. The backup solution can store up to three copies of data in three different locations.

If your webdrift relies entirely on Windows’s virtual environment, Azure’s built-in integration for the additional backup will be a fast and convenient solution.


For hosting and developing web and mobile apps

Whether you need a platform to host, develop or manage web or mobile apps, Microsoft Azure will make those apps adaptive and autonomous with functions like AutoScale, patch management, and integration for on-premise apps.

The automatic patch management function will allow you to spend less time managing your infrastructure so you can focus more on improving your applications. Microsoft Azure also comes with advanced deployment support, which helps you streamline ongoing code updates.

To distribute and supplement the active directory

Azure lest you integrate your Active Directory and give your DNS a global reach, robust security, and centralized management.

No other cloud provider will give businesses the ability to extend the reach of their domain and consolidate their Active Directory management. If you’re using on-premises apps or cloud apps like office 365 bedrift, AD integration with Azure will be the key solution for managing and maintaining access to all of these tools.

Even better, with Azure, you can employ the multi-factor authentication feature, which will help you add a second layer of security to your data and apps with little to no effort for your users.


October 2022