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Every one of those who owns a business or is thinking of starting one up should know what management consulting is, and what it can do to improve their strategies and their profits. For those who are interested in the subject, we are going to present the basics of this concept and activity and show you how to apply it to your business’ benefit. Simply put, management consulting refers to helping companies, organizations or businesses to improve their performance; by this we don’t mean simply help them increase their profits, but make them more efficient overall, in all their activities, both internal and external. The actual consulting work, done by professionals trained for this, is mainly done by analyzing the organizational and developmental aspects of the business, so see where and how they are affected, and what their problems are.

A company or organization can call for the help of management consultants for various reasons, but the most common use for all of them is to receive an objective point of view, and the specialized experience of those consultants. Another advantage that companies can draw from bringing consultants is that they can benefit from their knowledge, and from their being in contact with the latest developments and innovations in a certain field. Because they are always meeting people from various domains of business, they also get in contact with new practices and new theories. However, that doesn’t mean that a management consultant will break confidentiality terms with one client just to please another, but they can use their expertise to guide all their clients in the right direction.

Some of the services that management consulting can provide for a company is helping them train people with coaching skills, advise them on how to change and organize internal management, how to develop strategies, how to implement technological and other types of innovations, or how to improve their customer relations and services. The field of management is less than one hundred years old, and the first management consulting firm was established by a man named Arthur D. Little, a former MIT professor.

Employees withing a management consulting firm can have various specializations, so each of them can serve certain types of businesses better. For example, one could have experience, studies and information related to the oil industry, combined with knowledge of management consulting; in this case, the consultant is perfect for companies or corporations dealing with oil, while other consultants may be better for the textile industry, the entertainment industry, sales, technology and so on.

The management consulting industry has been increasing in popularity ever since its birth, but it is also directly affected by the actual state of business in one country, or around the world. For example, the recent recession affected management consulting as well, because the business industry had been affected and there was less activity in this area. A rather new trend is that of companies setting up their own internal management consulting departments, so there is always advice for the company in that area. This practice can have both advantages and disadvantages; the company can benefit from the work of consultants specially trained for their type of activity and which are or become familiar with the contracts and activities of the company; on the other hand, the consultants can lose their objectivity after a while, or they can become biased due to internal politics.

January 2022