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There is a certain appeal to the world of business that draws many individuals interested in building a successful career. Regardless of the exact reason that determined you to join business school, you probably want to make the most of this journey and obtain excellent results. Because you might deal with certain challenges in terms of performance, having some guidelines in mind could be useful:

Show up in class

Even if certain exam questions are based on the information you have in your study books, without optimal class attendance, you won’t be able to develop the knowledge you require to give your best in exams, nor will you be able to develop the expertise you will need once you start a career in business. Showing up to class can be essential – it will allow you to understand the subject better, you will experience teamwork and you might also access tips that can’t be obtained anywhere else. Show up and also participate – the difference is a significant one.

Ensure the quality of your lecture notes

Note-taking skills are essential for great exam performance. Attending all of your classes comes as a priority, but active learning and proper note-taking habits are even more important. The resources you have when studying for exams will naturally influence your grades, so it’s critical to be certain of your educational materials’ quality. If you are still unable to take notes properly from various reasons, you can also consider searching for your materials online. Nowadays, students share their notes on different platforms, so you can easily access the necessary information. With just a quick search on the web, you can come across all the notes you need for your tam 212 lecture and get the learning support you were seeking all along.

Join a study group

You would be surprised to discover just how much better you can acquire information by working with others. Study groups exist for a reason, and if you have never been in one, it’s certainly time to consider giving this possibility a try. You will be discovering new perspectives, adopting new study techniques, and because you will make yourself accountable for the said group, staying motivated will be easier. While you are helping yourself get better, you will also be supporting others to do the same. Study groups can help your performance and might also come with social advantages (making friends in business school might come in handy later in the future, when you least expect it).

While you might have expected for business school to be quite hard, once you notice your exam scores being lower than you would have wanted, it’s time to take action and improve your performance. The root of the problem can often be your general approach on things, and if you pursue a few changes, and actual performance boost can be observed. Use these suggestions to your advantage, and you will quickly start seeing better results. Being an excellent student ultimately depends on determination.

January 2022