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Freight forwarding is a business that can bring about substantial profits, which is the reason why it is very tempting for people to engage in the cargo transportation business. Forwarding agents do not need special capabilities, but rather to be organized. What can be said about the freight forwarding market is that it is highly competitive. Shipping companies face great number of challenges and the decline of transportation is not one of them. To be more precise, freight forwarders are not able to win over business due to multinational transport companies. It is very hard, if not impossible, to compete with high performers that have niche players, not to mention that they have taken over important routes. The only way to expand your cargo business considerably and thus be able to compete with multinationals is to join a forwarder network. If you are curious to know why you should become part of an alliance, read this.

Building fixed relationships with reliable partners

If you want to expand your forwarding business in order to attract new clients, you should definitely think about applying for membership. You may be tempted to think that in this industry you do not need help, but you could not be mistaken more. The truth is that you do not have chances to survive in the competitive market without some kind of assistance. Alliances have key players operating globally, so if you are trying to reach a certain target, you are in luck. Your partners will refer you to clients in the country you are planning to head to, not to mention that you do not have to worry about your shipments. What happens is that you remain independent and you enjoy the benefits brought about by cooperation.

Being more dynamic in the supply chain

As a matter of fact, having a partner has become essential in the freight forwarding industry. Clients want and will expect you to be able to offer them alternative options when it comes to time and cost. What they are looking for essentially is better services at higher speeds. If you are an independent forwarding agent, you do not dispose of the means necessary to do so. This is the reason why it is vital to have someone to help you. Members of freight forwarding networks help each other at all times and you receive assistance when it comes to speed. Keep in mind that cost is not the most important factor anymore, speed is.

Gaining a competitive advantage thanks to technology

The freight industry has gone online and so should you. Technology will help you drive productivity, the result being that you will be able to manage daily business operations more easily. The only problem is that technology does not come cheap. Well, if you join a cargo alliance, you are provided tools that will certainly come in handy and, most important, that are free. What you have access to are tracking systems, carrier schedules, calculators and many more. Not only will these software programs useful, but they will make you stand out from the crowd.

January 2022