Is senior home care a practical option?

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One of the biggest fears that the elderly are frequently confronted with is the prospect of having to leave their beloved homes and moving into a nursing home. More and more seniors seem to be turning to home care as an alternative to nursing homes. Not only is senior home care Ottawa more affordable than a nursing facility, but it meets the personal and health needs of the elder person. Even if they live an independent life inside a nursing facility, they still feel that they are incapable of taking care of themselves. It is much easier to convince a beloved family member to agree to receive assistance daily or weekly than to convince them their place is in a nursing facility, not to mention cheaper.

What weighs more when deciding on care options?

Taking into consideration that there are so many options, you need to think about certain factors. Firstly, the age and the health condition of the elder come into play. If your grandfather still has full control over his mind and body, then it is not necessary to send him off to a nursing facility. A caregiver is still required even if he is living alone because while most elders won’t admit to it, they have difficulties coping with daily chores. The great thing about caregivers is that they are present even if the person suffers from serious illnesses such as dementia. Most importantly, you have to consider the budget. Nursing homes are by far the most expensive and getting the help of home care seems to be the only financial solution. Not only do you customize the care plan, but your relative benefits from medical assistance as well.

The possibility of making savings

Besides the physical and emotional advantages, there is always the possibility of making significant financial savings as long as the assistance is not very complicated or if the family and friends help out a little. The truth is that you are provided the opportunity of saving from 25% to 90% less. The reason for this is that you no longer pay for institutional services such as food, drugs and supplies. Additionally, these services do not become extensive and expensive over time.

How to find a place

At one point or the other you will have to make a decision not for your financial security, but mostly for that of your loved ones. Even though nursing homes seem like a good idea in the beginning, assisted living is the cheaper option. The trick is finding the right agency that will provide quality services. Make sure to collaborate exclusively with certified agencies and verify the qualifications of the aide.

June 2022