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According to the experts at, getting hold of custom adhesive products in the United Kingdom has never been easier. As more businesses in a variety of sectors than ever before make the switch to bespoke adhesives, the number of service providers creating and selling such products is growing all the time.

But at the same time, not all brands and businesses in this line of work are offering products of the same quality standards. Quite to the contrary in fact – the differences from one provider to the next can be literally night and day.

The simple fact of the matter is that if and when a business has made the decision to switch to a custom adhesive, they have done so due to an important project or requirement. As such, there is really no point in making the switch at all if the adhesive they are supplied with turns out to be low-end or unfit for purpose. Which is exactly what underlines the importance of ensuring that the right manufacturing company is worked with in the first place.

Mercifully, finding and selecting the best brand for the job can be relatively easy – just be sure to bear in mind the following:

1 – Time in Business

First of all, this is exactly the kind of industry in which practical experience breeds competence. It’s not to say that every newcomer is necessarily doing a bad job, but at the same time, you cannot master the intricate art of creating world-class adhesives overnight. As a basic rule of thumb therefore, the longer the brand in question has been in business, the better. If unsure as to when they were first established, don’t be afraid to ask.

2 – Product Range and Specialism

Another area of importance is that of the brand’s specialism, combined with the range of products on offer. Quite simply the more they can do, the better the likelihood of being able to find the exact product to suit your needs with 100% flawless accuracy. What’s more, while there are some that specialise only in products for manufacturing purposes, others are adept in creating products for use in medical settings and so on. Check all such factors before going ahead.

3 – Extent of Services Available

The same also goes for the extent of the services available. For example – does the services provider offer full design consultancy services, or just the manufacturing part? Do they offer custom packaging for products and are they willing to provide training materials, or would you have to source these from elsewhere? It’s always better for the sake of both convenience and cost-effectiveness to get the whole job done under one roof, if possible.

4 – Samples and Trial Runs

It should never be necessary to sign up for a gigantic order of any given product, before first being provided with a sample or a trial run. It is important to gain hands-on experience with whatever it is you plan to order in bulk before actually ordering it, in order to ensure that it is fit fir purpose in every way. And if it isn’t, you should be able to make changes as required.

5 – Independent Consultancy

With these kinds of services, independent consultancy can be worth its weight it gold…quite literally. There is nothing more valuable than the honest and impartial advice of a service provider, for whom the only matter of importance is that of ensuring that the customer gets the perfect product, every time. Suffice to say, some service providers are more inclined than others to offer this kind of assistance.

6 – Strong Feedback

Feedback should also be brought into consideration as there is nothing quite so reassuring as the recommendations of other customers, just like you. It’s usually the only genuinely impartial information you will ever find with regard to how a brand performs when put to the test – folk these days are more than happy to share their honest opinions. Even if there’s none provided, a quick web search should do the trick.

7 – Quality Guarantees

Last but not least, it’s really not too much to ask for any service provider with quality in their offerings to back everything they do with a comprehensive guarantee of quality. If there are no such guarantees in place, this doesn’t necessary paint a promising picture about their confidence or their performance. It should be fairly obvious when and where quality guarantees are provided, and if it isn’t, you are perfectly within your rights to ask a few questions.


September 2021