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Today’s commercial market is dominated by large supermarkets and retailers, so it comes as no surprise that owners of small family businesses are wary of making considerable investments at first. Most of them tend to start with a small venue and a limited number of goods and, should their store survive the fierce competition, move out to a larger location and expand their range of products. When that happens, though, they discover that changing location is not such an easy task. Apart from the obvious financial challenges, there is also the fact that changing location could mean losing existing customers. If you are the owner of a small store and you want to get rid of storage problems without looking for a different venue, we have the solution for you: mezzanine floors. This versatile flooring solution offers multiple practical benefits and, if you contact your local mezzanine floors UK installer you will discover many beautiful designs and features.

Mezzanine floors – a solution for all your storage needs


Installed in small stores, mezzanine floors are not used for keeping products on display, but they can be successfully installed in the warehouse, where you can store products on more levels. This means that you no longer have to rent a new space. You can take advantage of the benefits of vertical storage and keep all your stock within reach. This solution is particularly useful for warehouses that have a high ceiling, because mezzanines let you take advantage of all the vertical space that would otherwise be wasted. To maximise space even more, you can also install vertical shelves on top of mezzanines. Thus, all your stock will be easier to organise and reach.


Why mezzanine floors save you money


The main financial benefit of mezzanine floors is that, by installing them, you no longer have to pay a construction company to expand your commercial property horizontally or go through all the hassle of renting/buying commercial space in another location. Mezzanines are an excellent investment, because they can cost less than £100 per square meter, but can help you make a lot more profit by expanding your storage. If you have ever wanted to stock more goods, but were restricted by warehouse space, then you should definitely consider asking your local provider about the possibility of installing a mezzanine floor.


Safety regulations and load requirements


Companies that specialise in manufacturing and installing mezzanine floors usually do so based on the client’s load requirements. Therefore, no matter how much available space you have, you can talk to a professional and place a custom order. A contractor will make a visit and make sure that the floor matches your existing building footprint and is easy for the entire staff to use. However, as a final word of caution, you should remember that this flooring solution only works to its full potential when installed in compliance with national regulations. Before signing a contract with your local provider, make sure he is SEIRS certified. Otherwise, not only do you risk a getting a fine from a workplace health and safety inspector, but also putting your employees in jeopardy.

August 2022