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A very common saying is that “you have to spend money in order to make money”. Somehow, it has a ring of truth to it because money does attract money, especially in the world of stock markets. Our society is modeled and runs around the flow of money, and this is one common goal that we all have. Money obtains you almost everything you need, so everyone is trying to get their hands on as much as they can. However, usual jobs imply doing something – which is generally useful for society – and getting money in exchange for that. But what if your job was moving money from here to there and thus getting them to multiply? We’re talking about playing the world stock markets, of course.

Pros and cons of playing the stock market

You must be warned from the beginning, lest you think you’ve caught the wish-granting genie: being a stock broker is one of the most difficult and stressful jobs on the planet. It is also one of the most profitable jobs, but you need to meet certain specific qualities in order to be a very good broker. So if you are interested in playing the world stock markets and creating a nice little portfolio for yourself, then you better start studying. The most important studies that you could get to that effect are finance and business; you have to be good both with numbers and with ‘reading’ the potential of a certain business (company or corporation). Another important advice is to read financial blogs, so you can always be in the know with major changes and with other events in the field. For the best financial advice, we advise you to subscribe to Dividend Appreciation. On this blog, you will find efficient investment advice, from tips on how to find the best dividend stocks to expert advice from the best financial gurus.

Start small but don’t be afraid to take risks

The next obvious step to playing the world stock markets is to follow the stocks themselves and seeing how they behave; before you dare to invest in something, get used to the feel of things, to how they move, observe any patterns and see how the stocks go up and down. When you feel confident that a certain stock which is low now will definitely go up again, buy a small set of shares and set up a small portfolio. It’s never good to risk too much money from the beginning, even if you are confident or you have “a good tip” from someone; just take it easy and gain some experience. No matter how good you get at this, you will still lose money sometimes, and this is something you truly have to get used to.

Playing the world stock markets also takes a more adventurous and risky spirit, one who isn’t demoralized by one or two setbacks. You can also become a member of an investing club, and there you meet people who have the same interests as you, and from whom you can learn a lot of valuable information. Moreover, you can be a self-employed broker and invest for yourself, or become part of a company which deals in that sort of stuff. There are a lot of people that use monthly dividend stocks to cover their monthly expenses. These stocks are a limited part of the worldwide stock portfolio, but their main advantage is that they offer a regular flow of money that you can use however you wish.

All in all, becoming a broker is a pretty difficult task, because you always have to know the latest movements and news, you have to read and learn about your field of activity a lot and you have to network and create the right relations in this world. Your efforts however can be highly rewarded, and this unstable career can bring you a lot of money sometimes.

October 2022