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Whether you are launching a new product, starting a new business or celebrating a merger, organizing a business reception requires a lot of planning. There are countless things to consider, and everything needs to follow a well though out plan. Business events are a lot more pretentious than other types of events. People expect high quality services, and the success or the failure of such an event will reflect directly on your business. However, if you follow a few simple guidelines, everything will turn out perfect.

1. Reserve the venue and the caterers in advance

As we already mentioned, people who attend business events expect certain types of services. Therefore, make sure to reserve a good looking venue in advance. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where everything is booked and you have to settle with a bad venue. The same goes for the caterers. Moreover, as far as the caterers as involved, you should ask for recommendations from people in your network. Sometimes, what you pay for is not always what you get, but if you choose based on recommendations, you will increase your chances of getting quality services and products.

2. Choose a theme for the event

The theme should of course have to do with the purpose of the event, but you have to make sure that the purpose in question will be reflected in the overall party. So, if you are launching a product, look for customized decor that highlights your product features. Depending on the event, the theme can also be reflected in the menu, the drinks as well as the activities that will take place at the event.

3. Commemorate the event with challenge coins

If you want your guests to remember your event, make sure to choose some custom tokens that you can give to everybody. Our advice would be to opt for custom challenge coins. You can customize the coins with the name and the logo of your business, your product or the companies that are merging. You can also opt for a quote that matches the theme of the event.

4. Plan fun activities

Just because we are talking about a business event, this doesn’t mean that the overall mood has to be overly formal. Of course, the main activities should be the speeches that mark the purpose of the event. However, try to also think of some fun activities that will get people up on their feet, socializing and having fun.

August 2022