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Since people spend most of their time at work, the office environment is very important for a healthy and happy living, and employees should be satisfied with their job and the place they work in. For an employer to create a healthy environment for their employees, they must take into account some aspects in terms of safety, comfort, and health. Here are some things you should pay attention to as an employer if you want to have happy and efficient workers.

#1 – Clean the air at the office with an air purifier

The health of your employees is very important as it can easily impact their productivity, work quality, and ultimately their ability to perform their jobs. The air we breathe is essential, it should be clean and pure, free of mites and allergens, which makes an air purifier a mandatory addition to any office where employee healthfulness is regarded as a priority.

The air purifier attracts dust particles in the air, , bacteria and fungus, and cigarette smoke, and releases clean air back into the room, so that your employees will breathe clean and pure air. This way, your office will become a safe environment without the risk of allergies, asthma, and other breathing problems.

Supplemental methods to keep the air in the office clean:

  • Some plants have effective air purifying properties and provide quite an ingenious manner to keep the air clean as they not only serve this specific health-related purpose but also make the office a prettier, more welcoming environment for workers as well. You should encourage employees who love plants to have some on their desks too as they can even help reduce stressful conditions.
  • When the weather allows it, keep the doors and windows open for fresh air to circulate through the office and stale air to get out.
  • Make sure the air vents aren’t blocked and that air circulation doesn’t have any impediments. You should also keep the air ducts clean as they impact the quality of the air circulating in the environment, thus posing a potential health threat if proper upkeep isn’t practiced.

#2 – Reduce excess humidity

Speaking of air, the air moisture is very dangerous for the health if it exceeds 55%-60% as it leads to serious unpleasantness. From the mold and dampness that may appear on the walls and furniture to the mold spores that can be inhaled, the effects of excess moist can be quite serious.

If you feel the working place is damp, a dehumidifier provides the needed help as it removes excess moisture from the air to upkeep healthy humidity levels. This device that dries the air to a healthy level reduces the risk of mold and respiratory problems and will help you create a healthy working environment for your employees.

#3 – Provide your employees with clean water

As well as the air, the quality of the drinking water is vital for a healthy living, so a water filter will come in handy at work. There are several types of water filters to choose from, depending on the type of pollutants you want to eliminate and the working method, so you may want to look for some whole house water filter comparison articles. If you have a small company, you don’t need a whole house model. Most water filters based on reverse osmosis, carbon blocks or UV filtration eliminate dust, rust, bacteria, sediments, bad taste and odor and other deposits that may endanger the health.

You can choose to install a counter top water filter or an under the sink water filter, depending on the needs and plumbing existing at the office. Nevertheless, if you have a large company, we advise you to make a whole house water filter comparison between the best models. For big companies, whole house filters can save the management a lot of money and troubles. Regardless of the type of filter that you choose, make sure to read some reviews before making any investments. On you can find some terrific reviews of the best water filters of the moment, from countertop units to whole house filtration systems.

#4 – Set up a stress-free environment

Stress is the leading cause for decline in productivity, mental health issues, and the sense of anguish a lot of people get when they leave for work. Woefully, for modern folk, stress has become one of the main roots of a series of health problems, impacting life quality and leading to an unfortunate increase in depression cases.

While there’s nothing you can do about people’s personal lives, you can, however, promote a stress-free environment at work where employees won’t feel like deadlines are the end of their career, that they can talk freely and openly about their wants and desires career-wise, and where they don’t feel pressure every step of the way. A few ideas of how to make the office a more welcoming and peaceful place for employees include:

  • Work-life balance – People have different schedules, and if the line of work your company is in can allow flexible schedules, allow employees to get the job done remotely or come in a bit late and stay accordingly if they need it. This way, they can balance their personal and work lives better, all without feeling any pressure.
  • Compensation – When employees feel appreciated, they work more qualitatively, harder, and without having worries on their minds related to financial aspects. Compensation must be based on several aspects, including performance, loyalty, and years of service.
  • Give them a voice – Even if you do your best to keep everyone happy, some might steel have minor or major complaints. Give your employees a voice and let them say what’s on their mind in a private environment where they feel comfortable so that you can spot the stress factors and negative elements that are influencing them and solve the issues together. This builds trust as well, which is likely to increase a worker’s loyalty and have them stick with you through thick and thin.


Productivity in the workplace is influenced by a series of factors, but probably none is more important than creating a healthy work environment where employees feel good. The physical and mental health of the people working for your company ultimately impacts your business directly, and if you want to keep them well and happy for numbers to increase as a result, you must apply as many of the aforementioned tips to have them come at work out of pleasure, considering the place a second home where they are being taken care of.  

August 2022