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We’ve all felt envy towards the guy who invented the drinking straw, the toilet paper roll, the screw-on bottle cap, or the folding umbrella. We’ve talking about simple but genius ideas that transformed society because everyone needed them but nobody had thought about them before. Everyone would like to come up with that simple and inspired idea that will bring them money for the rest of their lives if they patent it. This is why we’ve decided to help you with a few tips on how to find successful business ideas that could help you and those around you.

Because the market is over-saturated with products and services, it can be difficult to see what is really missing. In order to find your successful business ideas, be open to anything. Any moment can be right to come up with a brilliant idea, but you also have to find inspiration anywhere you can get it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just running errands or taking a relaxing stroll, be always on the lookout for what happens around you. Those who generally come up with innovative ideas are those who think outside the box and who try to predict trends instead of creating or following them. Since technology – but especially technology that allows us to improve our lifestyles and gain more time – is the highlight of this century, perhaps you can come up with an idea in this field, such as creating a smartphone app that helps people with an aspect of their lives.

Another way of coming up with successful business ideas is by focusing on things and issues that aggravate or annoy you. Chances are you’re not the only person upset by the fact that a certain issue isn’t solved, or that it needs improvement, change, an addition and so on. You can do this by discussing with friends, relatives, and fellow shoppers and see what dissatisfies them. Remember that the idea doesn’t have to be grand or innovative but, just like the screw bottle cap, it solves a lot of problems. Furthermore, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a product, but it can be a service that people require.

Perhaps you can also come up with a successful idea by applying your personal skills to a new and different field. Society can evolve much faster and easier if we learn to collaborate and join our knowledge, and many important discoveries were made by combining knowledge from essentially different fields. Your expertise might see room for innovation in a field where its professionals are in a rut. You can also try to think of a niche for yourself, or see which part of an industry could suffer innovation.

Don’t be afraid to combine ideas from very different fields, or even trying to take two different products and uniting them in your head. Most of your ideas will be bad or nonsensical, but you never know when that goldmine presents itself. In order to come up with successful business ideas, you need to be open to anything and be willing to accept new concepts.

October 2022