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Waste bin placement and cleaning are a part of every business, from pubs and hotels to schools and hospitals. Dealing with these two issues might not be pleasant, but it is essential, because waste bin contents can cause a series of health and safety issues. A common mistake is using basic cleaning products for waste bins or even not using any products at all, but this decision can be hazardous. The responsible thing to do is find Wheelie Bin cleaning equipment for sale and understand the health and safety issues that may occur if you don’t do this.

Unhygienic, unpleasant environment


When working with wheelie bins, bad odours are inevitable, but they must never become so unpleasant that they bother staff or clients. It is every employee’s right to work in a clean environment, so if the bin outside the shop smells all the way from inside, then you are breaking that right. In addition, if clients are also affected by these odours, you risk receiving complains, fines and lose money. Hygiene is absolutely essential, so you should never make compromises.



The risk of infectious diseases


Waste bins that aren’t cleansed and sanitised properly risk becoming the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of dangerous bacteria and insects. This is an extremely dangerous situation, because they could contaminate the workplace and cause severe health conditions. All businesses should invest in professional sanitising, but hospital and restaurant owners are all the more at risk. If someone gets sick on your commercial property and the cause is waste bin bacteria, then you could receive a fine, be forced to cover the treatment and even have the entire business closed down. Unfortunately, even successful businesses have closed down because they didn’t respect basic waste management rules.



Pests are a major issue


It is common knowledge that smelly waste bins attract pests such as insects, rats, crows, stray cats and dogs. Not only can these be annoying and ruin your reputation, but also pose a threat to your staff and customers, because pests can become aggressive. Besides, pests are known to carry diseases such as a rabies, so by all means keep your waste bin area as hygienic as possible. Waste cleaning should be done at the same time with waste disposal, but if you have other requirements, you should discuss them with a professional cleaning company.





When cleaning waste bins and the area around them, most clients think about their health and safety and forget to ask the cleaning company how eco-friendly their products are. At the end of the day, your wheelie bins might look and smell great, but if the products involved in bringing them to this condition pollute the environment, then you need to reconsider your choice of cleaning supplies. Nowadays, more and more companies opt for bio-degradable, less harmful products that don’t contaminate water and soil. If you’re not sure which products offer the best balance between quality and eco-friendliness, then don’t hesitate to ask a professional company for assistance.


January 2022