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The automotive industry represents a special domain, different from any other branch of manufacturing. It requires a lot of responsibility, precision and knowledge, which is why choosing competent personnel for a dedicated company can be more difficult than it seems. From the smallest businesses to huge manufacturing multinationals, having the best technicians is very important in order to maintain your position on the market. The staff has to be professional and well trained, because this ensures an efficient relationship with the clients and any error can jeopardize the whole company. Taking this into consideration, the recruiting process in the automotive industry is very demanding and needs a lot of time of preparation. The HR specialists strive to submit the candidates through various tests, aiming to prove not only their soft but also their hard skills. So even if there are many panel beater jobs available, you have to be prepared to face a diligent selection.


The most experienced workers are chosen in advance

Although this may seem hard to believe, those who have leading position, even on the manufacturing area, are chosen with months, even years in advance. This allows them to understand better the whole business, because they will afterwards have to pass the information to their subalterns. If a company wants to launch a new subsidiary, they will definitely start promoting their vacancies with years in advance, in order to make sure they get the best people in the area.


The selection also includes a practical part

There are multiple areas to cover in a manufacturing company from the automotive industry, and while will have to deal with paperwork, others will actually work on the production line. This involves a series of technical skills and knowledge, which is why one of the stages of the selection will definitely represent a practical test. This will be designed by the HR specialists together with the responsible for the area on which you apply.


Experience may be an important advantage

Although some companies hire inexperienced technicians, this does not mean you can have nothing to do with the field because you will get the job anyway. You need special qualifications (at least a diploma from a dedicated high school) and previous experience will definitely represent an advantage over other candidates, not only in terms of CV, but also in terms of things you know how to do. If you have already been working for some time in the industry, then you may even get a leading position on one of the sub areas of the company.

October 2022