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Businesses have many benefits to gain from offering a gift-wrapping service, some of the biggest being that they can consolidate their brand, build loyalty and provide a superior customer experience. For those businesses that have a bigger budget at their disposal, wrapping buyers’ products for free is not a big problem, but there are also many startups who would rather not allocate a part of their budget to this. Websites such as offer a wide variety of supplies, including festive and elegant ribbons and accessories, but, once you invest in them, should you offer them for free or charge extra?

Offer free wrapping after customers spend a certain amount

If the cost of wrapping is higher than the cost of a product in your store, then wrapping that product for free might not be profitable. To avoid losing money, you can market this is as a special offer for customers who spend a certain amount. For example, those who spend £50 or more can have their purchases wrapped festively for free. This will encourage them to spend more and make it more profitable for you to buy supplies such as ribbons and boxes.

Provide two types of wrapping options

One way of reducing costs is to offer two type of wrapping: one basic one, using standard materials, which should be free of charge, and a premium one, which you could charge for. The latter should be higher quality and you should use supplies such as sophisticated satin or wired ribbons, beautifully printed paper and even natural flowers.

Donate wrapping profit to charity

Customers might not always be happy about paying extra for packaging, but things change if you donate part of the profit to charity. It’s a great way of helping the community and making a good impression to your clients as well. For example, around Christmas, you can charge a small fee for your service and publicly display that the money paid by customers for this will go to those in need.

Charge only some wrapping options

No matter how small your budget is, you should understand that you cannot charge for absolutely everything, such as a small gift bag or a box. These do not usually cost anything and you will undoubtedly make a bad impression if you ask money for them. Don’t forget that people are willing to pay for something if it’s out of the ordinary and well made, but they will never come back to a store that charges extra for things that are free elsewhere.

June 2022