What Is the Essential Equipment You Need to Start a Butchery?

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Being a butcher has become extremely famous nowadays, this is why most people want to cross the limits and go for what they want to do. Entering this world might not be easy at the beginning but it’s a true fulfillment when you notice you do what you like the most. Butcheries have their customers, and everyone’s happy when entering one of these little shops. Besides, they can offer a variety of meat that might not be available in supermarkets. The freshness is guaranteed, as well, as you’ll only find healthy and fresh cuts of meat.

Nevertheless, being a good butcher means making everything with passion, determination, and awareness. Together with all these, you have to make sure to provide only the best merchandise to your customers. How can this be possible without owning the right equipment? In this field, equipment plays a very important role, as a butchery might not be the same without these elements. If you want positive feedback then you have to make sure you do the best for your clients. Therefore, you can be the best butcher in the world but if you don’t have the proper utensils, this won’t help at all.

In this connection, to help you start your first butchery business, we have designed a list with all the necessary tools you need to own to create what you’ve always desired. Additionally, to be extra professional, you need to consider high-quality tools, with a long lifespan, and high-performance features.

Therefore, before starting the business, consider some compulsory products that shouldn’t miss from your butchery store:

Meat Grinder

Having a meat grinder in your butchery store is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration. Meat grinders play an important role as they can help you mince meat easily and please your clients with delicious cuts. More to be mentioned, we all know that freshly minced meat has a better taste compared to the one you buy from a basic supermarket. There are various types of meat grinders to choose from, such as manual mincers, electric mincers, and commercial ones. In this case, it’s recommended to choose a residential-use grinder to make sure it provides you with maximum efficiency and high-performance outcomes no matter the amount of meat used.

Meat Slicer

The second must-have in a butchery store is a meat slicer. Meat slicers are essential, as well, as they help you cut the meat faster compared to regular knives. This doesn’t mean knives are not important, but they might not have the same capacity as slicers do. If you’re in a hurry, instead of cutting all the food items by hand you can use a special cutting unit that will help you do the job quicker and also more effectively. Some of the main benefits they bring are ease of use and versatility as they don’t require too much effort to do the job. You only have to select the desired thickness and press the button to start them. Usually, they come with high-performance, razor-sharp blades that are able to get through the toughest cuts of meat, cheese, and bread, as well. More than this, they are a great option for commercial purposes as they are silent and economical, thus a long-term investment. If you still have doubts, or you haven’t found the most suitable slicer for your needs, you can reliably check the best commercial meat slicer reviews.


There’s no kitchen without knives, and no butchery, as well. Knives are primordial tools when it comes to butchery stores. Every professional butchery should own a variety of knives that will help them do the job. Even though they might not suit large tasks, they are ideal for smaller jobs. Small, large, thick, thin, or wide, no matter their size, they are essential for everyone who’s working in a field like this. Thus, you have to consider various categories of knives such as:

  • Chef’s knife;
  • Boning knife;
  • Utility knife;
  • Cleaver.

Food Scales

Scales are awesome, we can assure, so you have to own one of these in your butchery. This is due to their accuracy and precise measurements. With a food scale, you won’t have to worry about inaccuracy or unfair deals, as they will always offer the exact results. You can go either for the small ones or larger ones if you deal with thicker cuts of meat.

Butcher Clothes

Last but not least, in order to take your business to the next level and be a pro butcher, you need to ensure the clothing equipment. The butcher outfit is fundamental when starting the business as you’ll get closer to your clients, providing authenticity. Not only will it bring an amazing look but it will also provide you with safety while working. Thus, you shouldn’t operate without a special belt, the butcher’s knife, gloves, and a knife bag.


Lastly, the task of choosing the entire equipment for starting a butchery business won’t be that difficult if properly considering all the elements listed above. If taking into consideration the piece of advice, you’ll be pleased to see your business expanding more and more. Don’t forget that quality matters a lot, as well, so when shopping for them make sure to carefully look at the manufacturing details to ensure effectiveness and durability over time.

January 2022