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All those who are involved in the business world know how important it is to keep your employees constantly motivated in order to obtain the best possible performance. People like to feel appreciated in order to give their best effort and by offering them some incentives ones in a while, you will surely obtain much better results. Even though some managers might think that their company cannot afford anything extra, the fact is the profit obtained from these types of incentives will exceed all expenses.

Free lunch once a week

One of the easiest things a manager could do, especially in a smaller company, is to offer his employees a free lunch once a week. It would be a moment when everyone gets together and hangs out for an hour. Caterers Brisbane can deliver a variety of foods anywhere in the city, so organising this type of incentive would not be a problem. In addition, the costs would also be relatively low, since an average costs about $11. In addition, managers should also consider having lunch with their employees, as they could form new bonds and get to know their team better.


Free coffee

Coffee is a legal addictive stimulant that could definitely increase productivity in a company, but rather than installing a vending machine on the floor, why not offer it for free? This way, employees could have as much as they wanted and have all the energy they need to complete tasks successfully. Even though one may think that the costs of offering everyone unlimited amounts of coffee are too high, when you add in the benefits, you will see that this is an advantageous proposal.


Fun team buildings

While it may sound like a cliché, but the reason why team buildings are so popular is because they actually work. These are the times when employees can get to know each other in an environment outside work and build connections that will help them work better together. Of course, the managers should never miss from these meetings and they should be the ones who come up with the most fun ideas. Team buildings can be anything: from contents between employees to board games, depending on the size of each company, a teambuilding once in a while will definitely make the team stronger and more focused. A company with happy employees will always be more profitable and productive.

October 2022