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It’s only when you begin working with the very best adhesive tape suppliers that you realise how beneficial their products can be for your business. Suffice to say however, making these kinds of decisions and transitions in the first place can be difficult. Particularly if you have been following certain standard joining processes for years, which have suited your needs solidly enough along the way.

What’s become clear as of late is the way in which there are quite a few common misconceptions as to what custom adhesives are and their potential advantages. Which could be one of the reasons why so many of those who could benefit from such products fail to explore the option. In most instances, making the switch to adhesive products is the kind of thing various businesses never go back from.  Particularly in manufacturing industries and other settings where joining materials represents a key business process.

So with this in mind, what follows is an overview of just a few of the most common falsehoods regarding industrial adhesive products – all of which are just about as far off the mark as it gets:

1. Industrial adhesives simply aren’t strong enough

First and foremost, to assume that industrial adhesives have any limitations whatsoever in terms of strength is to entirely misjudge such products.  In fact, there are industrial adhesives on the market and in use today that are able to offer the kinds of strong and reliable bonds that go above and beyond any alternative approaches to joining. Even including the heaviest welding processes and mechanical fixings, the right custom adhesive in the right application can be uniquely strong and reliable. Which is precisely why they are being increasingly used in a wide variety of industries, including aerospace and automotive to name just two. However strong and reliable you need the bonds to be, industrial adhesives can get the job done.

2. Industrial adhesives are hard to work with

One of the primary benefits of switching to industrial adhesive products is to make everyday business processes as quick and easy as possible. For obvious reasons, there really is no comparison between the time and effort required to weld two surfaces together and the time required to use a simple adhesive product. Contrary to popular belief, industrial adhesives are comprehensively easy to work with and require little to no specific training. What’s more, there are also significant benefits to be had in terms of consistency – industrial adhesives typically guaranteeing far more consistent results than alternative joining methods.

3. Industrial adhesives are dangerous

In short, the safety or otherwise of anything in the workplace is determined exclusively by those using it.  For obvious reasons, industrial adhesives that are not handled with care have the potential to be dangerous. However, if such products are handled and used with the utmost care and attention as specified by the manufacturer, they can be comprehensively safe. Certainly safer than alternative processes like welding and the use of mechanical fixings, which can present much greater risks to those using them.

4. Industrial adhesives are too expensive

This is only true when industrial adhesives are directly compared with generic adhesive products in terms of price only.  But what also needs to be taken into account is overall value for money. The simple fact of the matter is that on a join for join basis, industrial adhesives can be uniquely cost-effective.  Particularly in instances where the use of such adhesive products means that welding and other industrial equipment may no longer be needed. Over time, appropriate industrial adhesive products have the potential to save various businesses a small fortune. While at the same time, boosting output and performance considerably.

5. Generic adhesives are just as good

Last but not least, what makes the difference when ordering industrial adhesives is the way in which bespoke solutions are available. Rather than simply settling for something generic, the ideal adhesive can be designed from scratch in direct accordance with whatever it is you need. For obvious reasons, you cannot expect to pick up a generic adhesive that was designed specifically for your business and your intended purpose alone. Which in turn means you can’t realistically expect it to perform as flawlessly as it might. Once again, you really only need to experience the benefits and the performance of custom adhesive products once to fully understand the difference they can make.

January 2022