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It is common knowledge that businesses are responsible for the safety of their employees. If an employee is injured at work, they can make a claim in court and demand compensation, because businesses are legally required to take all the necessary steps to prevent accidents. Carbon monoxide is responsible with poisoning thousands of people every year only in the UK. This gas is odourless and invisible, making it impossible to detect without a special detector, so it claims numerous lives every year. There are ways to prevent such unfortunate incidents from happening such as resorting to City Gas Services to inspect the boiler regularly and installing a carbon monoxide detector. Businesses are required to take measures against this type of hazards and they will be held liable in case of carbon monoxide injuries.


Carbon monoxide poisoning


Carbon monoxide is a colourless and odourless gas resulted from burning fuel. This gas represents a major hazard, because it enters the blood stream and blocks the oxygen from reaching your cells. A great number of people die from carbon poisoning every year and thousands end up in the hospital. This gas is called the silent killer because it avoids normal detection and the symptoms of poisoning are normal flue or food poisoning symptoms. Before the victims realise what is happening, the gas will render them unconscious. Headaches, fatigue, confusion, nausea and dizziness are generally the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning followed by coordination problems, fainting, coma and death. Businesses are required to install detectors and proceed with regular inspections to ensure the safety of their employee. A faulty boiler inside a company can lead to a terrible situation with dozens of people being poisoned.

Measures against carbon monoxide poisoning


Business are legally required to take every measure of prevention possible to ensure this type of accident will not occur. Starting with hiring City Gas Services to install and maintain the boiler and heating system, businesses are also required to install detectors and sensors, as well as ensure proper ventilation in case an accident does happen. When the alarm goes off, employees should also be able to reach outside easily. The standard safety precautions also include teaching your employees what to do in case of carbon monoxide poisoning and performing routine tests. If an employee is injured, he/she can file a lawsuit against the employer.

June 2022