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What every manager or CEO will tell you is that every business is unique, but more importantly it has specific storage needs, especially if the premises are different. What companies with warehouses have to do is to focus their attention on high volume storage in order to fulfil rapid orders. Therefore, the warehouse shelving systems and racking solutions that you choose have to support the smooth running of your daily operations. Having a well-planned stockroom will help you keep the merchandise on the shelves, which is your most important concern. Unfortunately, traditional stockroom shelving and racking solutions simply do not fulfil these requirements anymore and this is why more and more business owners have manifested interest towards customized design solutions, and so should you.

Build your own customised solution

When you are put in the situation of having to choose between purchasing shelf racking and building your own, you should opt for creating your own solution. Having bespoke shelving is not only important for making good use of space, but also for ensuring that the system is compatible with the layout of the stockroom. A customized storage solution will allow you to make future plans for extension, not to mention that the architectural elements will complement each other. Is there any other benefit besides space optimisation? An expert design service will take into consideration the direction of the system, so that the loading and picking operations will be performed more efficiently. This means that if you have a certain type of lift trucks and handling systems, the design will be compatible with them.

Find the right supplier

What you first need to do is find a service supplier that is capable of bringing along the abovementioned benefits. Owing to the fact that there are many companies that operate within the shelving and racking industry, you will have many options to choose from. But attention should be paid to the fact that not all suppliers have experienced designers and engineers, or even the necessary product range. The choice of the supplier is the most important one because designers with no experience and qualifications will ruin the entire project.

Prepare for the site visit

Once you find a company that you trust to be reliable, you should prepare for the visit of the designers. Space evaluation is necessary to determine the condition of storage and handling methods. What the specialists will do is look at the entire stock area, measure the size of your products and the space between the aisles. You should mention the times when you are most required to keep the inventory in stock to make their job easier. Only after having made these considerations will designers be able to suggest suitable shelving and racking systems. What you are provided is a detailed CAD drawing so that you can have an accurate perspective of the project.

Finally, custom shelving and racking can even double the existing space and it is the ideal way to deal with warehouse-related issues. Instead of buying a new storage arrangement or keeping the old one, consider installing a better and improved arrangement.

January 2022