Why Your Business Needs an Industrial Dehumidifier

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Having an industrial dehumidifier is essential if your business is located in a large, confined area where large amounts of moisture can cause mold, bacteria and mildew problems. One of the basic functions of a dehumidifier is to remove the moisture from the air and prevent the growth of microorganisms. A large, industrial dehumidifier allows for a high capacity of moisture remove, energy benefits and better airflow.

Mold and Mildew
In a very humid environment, mold and mildew thrives and grows like wild-fire. Besides damaging stored goods, the tiny mold spores can cause allergies or affect employees who already have allergies. Not only mold and mildew is hard to discover, they produce certain smells and odors that dissipate only after their removal. However, the process is time-consuming and can cost a lot, depending on the size of the building or warehouse. Excessive moisture in a warehouse can affect your machinery, tools, supplies and products. In such a large space, moisture that causes mold growth can damage your entire stocked inventory. The best solution to this problem is preventing it, and the best way to do that is by owning an industrial dehumidifier.

Rust is a common occurrence in a humid commercial setting where it affects appliances and tools used to do daily jobs. Imagine having to replace or repair expensive machineries that could have been functioning for years to come. Moreover, all objects made of metal will begin to rust and degrade over time if they are exposed to high humidity levels. An industrial dehumidifier is necessary if you want to keep your appliances and tools in top condition.

If you own wooden furniture or your business deals with this material, owning a commercial dehumidifier will help prevent any damage. In a very humid environment, wood could potentially be damaged and crack. Even wooden floors can expand, crack and you just end up paying a lot to replace them. An industrial dehumidifier is a great solution if you work in the production or manufacture of wood furniture or wood items.

Manufacturing Process
In commercial setting humidity could affect the way products are manufactured, painted, packaged and even stored. In this scenario, an industrial humidifier would help you control the humidity so you deliver the products faster to the costumers and without any disruption to the flow of your business. If you manufacture products like health food bars, dog food or chocolate, the building will sweat when you take large quantities of food out of an oven. All these situations will require a different type of dehumidifier. If the industrial dehumidifier is not sized appropriately, you will continue to experience the issue. It is important to address to a professional to size the unit to your specific area.

August 2022