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The recession toppled the economy and changed many people’s lives; those who were lucky enough to keep their jobs now hold on to them for dear life because job offers are scarce, and those on the lookout become demoralized at how difficult it is to find one. That is why more and more people start to be interested in opening their own businesses. But why start a business? Well, we’re here to give you a few reasons, and to show you what advantages you might have if you are willing to take the risk. Moreover, this information could be useful to those who already have a job but wish to supplement their income. We know this may seem unlikely because nobody wants to get off work and come back home to work some more, but if you’re really in a jam this is an opportunity that could save you.

There are also businesses that don’t require that much work, and perhaps you can even do something you enjoy and that you’ve always wanted to do. There are many jobs you could do from home, especially with the Internet as your vehicle. So when you’re asking why start a business, you’ll see there are actually more advantages than you thought, and if you aren’t afraid of a bit more work in the beginning, you can actually succeed. That being said, here are some of the reasons why starting a business is a good idea:

  • No risks – Well, there are certain risks because you invest some time and money into this, but keeping a day job gives you emotional and financial stability and security and allows you to focus on every aspect of the business you want to start. You may not have that much free time for a while, but if your idea is actually good you will be repaid tenfold in the end.
  • Patience – The fact that you’re already working a day job will allow you to take things slower and think them through; even if you had all the time in the world to set up your business, these things take time always, and you shouldn’t rush them if you want everything to turn out exactly as you envisioned it. Make small steps every day, as a steady progress is more likely to turn into a successful result.
  • Independence – Because you already have a job you may be able to finance your business yourself; depending on your paycheck and the type of business you want to start, you could be able to funnel money bit by bit, slowly getting everything you need ready. Your being employed may also qualify you for certain loans, so you won’t have to mortgage the house for investment money.
  • Engagement – While things may seem easier than they are when you simply write about them, you will probably be faced with numerous challenges and obstacles in this endeavor. There may be times when you feel like you can’t go further anymore, or when some things just don’t go your way. Weeks into preparing their businesses, many people start questioning the likelihood of getting things through; this may not be just because they become demoralized, but also because they may start realizing their ideas aren’t good enough. Again, you have your day job to fall back on, so you don’t have to worry about having lost everything for this business.
  • Acquired skills – Whether you’re using skills from your day job to put your business on its feet, or whether you use new skills to improve your work at the day job, it is a win-win situation. Because you are faced with less free time, you will be forced to come up with creative solutions for various problems, and you will also learn how to manage your time better, an essential quality for an entrepreneur.

As you can see there are quite a few answers for the question “why start a business?”. If you think positively and use all your skills, you can gradually build a serious and profitable business and eventually give up your day job to become master of your own destiny.

June 2022