Why small fashion labels are more profitable than you think

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When you were little and your grandmother knitted you dresses, this activity probably seemed like nothing more than a handy hobby. As you grew up and discovered the allure of designer clothing in glossy fashion magazines, you completely forgot about handmade clothing or even banished it as uncool. Today, however, things are different: not only are hand knitted and hand sewn clothes fashionable, but also profitable. Thanks to the way fashion is making a comeback and a helping hand from online stores and youth culture, small fashion labels are emerging as a much awaited alternative to high street and designer fashion and, if you have the time, skills and patience, you can try launching your small business yourself. All you need is a high quality sewing machine (check out these Bernina 1008 reviews to get started) and the imagination to come up with original designs.


People are not happy with mass produced fashion items

Nowadays, even fashion victims cannot be indifferent to the scandals in which high street fashion stores are involved in. On the one hand, all their clothes seem to look the same, which is a big problem for those who do not like seeing similar outfits on the street. On the other hand, many famous brands have their clothing items done in sweatshops in developing countries, under inhumane, abusing working conditions. In this context, people would rather purchase from small, independent fashion labels that deliver high quality, quirky and unique designs and, more importantly, do not break basic working rights in the process.


Fashion culture encourages a unique sense of style


Another good reason why you should start your small fashion label today is that the public is very receptive towards quirky, handmade items. Some of this public is made of hipsters, but they are not the only ones who would rather support a local designer instead of hitting the Forever 21 sales. There are many people with a unique sense of style who do not care how famous the label is and want to express themselves through quality, not big brand names. No matter how weird or different your designs are, you will definitely find clientele for them.


You can sell your creations online


It doesn’t matter if you live in the Big Apple or in the countryside, because you need not rely on a physical store to sell your clothes. You can create your very own online store, or, if you do not want to make this investment, create your eBay, Amazon or Etsy store. The latter is particularly popular among young artists who have a specific, more artistic clientele. These are just three examples, but there hundreds of other large shopping platforms that welcome ambitious local artists. Their biggest benefit is that they eliminate space barriers and make it possible for independent designers to make a living without paying store rent or manufacturing fashion items in massive quantities.

June 2022