Why should you hire a freelancer for your company?

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Freelancing has become an increasingly popular trend on the job market in the past years. This is mostly due to the fact that technology has evolved a lot and allows people and companies to stay connected constantly. Furthermore, it is well known that this activity provides those who choose to become freelancers plenty of benefits: flexibility (they can work whenever they want, since they are not dependent on a fix program), versatility (they can access a number of opportunities) and convenience. In addition to this, what is actually amazing about freelancing is that is has expanded, managing to reach almost any branch of the job market – regardless the specialty, people from all over the world can get their dream jobs if they subscribe to a virtual platform, such as amojobs.com. These promote all sorts of vacancies, accessible to anyone who is willing to give it a try. While freelancers’ benefits have come to become clear to everyone, here are some of the main reasons why companies should start implementing this outsourcing strategy:

Why should you hire a freelancer for your company

How can small companies benefit from freelancing?

It is well known that small business and startups do not have a large budget, especially in the initial period. For this reason, if you have just launched a company, you need to focus your financial resources towards concrete results. Investing in human resource may not be a great idea, as long as you have not tested the market yet. Collaborating with freelancers may be the perfect way to get valuable ideas and services, without investing in a detailed HR plan. Besides all these, hiring full time employees may sometimes be a scary though for small business owners: you do not know if you are going to succeed, and hiring people on a long term may be a huge commitment. The prospect of having people depend on your business in the following years is a great responsibility, and this is another reason why you should consider working with a team of freelancers, at least in the beginning. Once your company starts to grow, you can decide whether you want to have full time employees, or you continue on the same page.


Is freelancing efficient for large multinationals?

Large businesses also have plenty of benefits when it comes to hiring freelancers. The first and most obvious advantage is the financial aspect: working with freelancers means fewer expenses than having a full time employee. People who work for multinationals have great financial expectations, but if you decide to hire freelancers for limited periods of time, you can pay them smaller amounts of money, since they only work temporary on a certain project. Besides this, as an employer, you get to choose from a huge pool of candidates, not only from your city, but from the entire world. You do not have to ask people to relocate or pay for their accommodation, because they can work remotely from their home. This way, you have the possibility to choose the person who suits better the job you have to offer.


June 2022