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Despite the overwhelming tech changes that replace the human component in many fields of activity, some values and processes will never lose their value. Customer service is perhaps the most important. A company that does not implement a sound, proficient and punctual customer service strategy risks failure, no matter how advanced its products might be, which is why managers should set this as their first order of business. There are many ways to deal with customer service and, even though it can become stressful at times, some specialized online tools can help streamline it. One of these is Walkme Salesforce Email to Case, a modern and intuitive solution that not only can provide a clear overview of customer emails, but also enhance the quality of organization. If you are not familiar with this product, here are some essential facts you should know about it.

What is Salesforce Email to Case?

Salesforce Email to Case is a business solution developed by Salesforce, a company specializing in cloud CRM. It aims to increase customer satisfaction by providing the staff with fast, intuitive and flexible tools that anticipate customer needs. This leads to effective and smart service and reduces the time needed to tackle each case. With Salesforce, every customer email becomes a case and each case is assigned to a capable constituent, which eliminates the need for an intermediary to copy and paste messages. Once an email is received, the sender is automatically saved into the Contacts list. There is even an attachment feature, which means that email replies can include things such as manuals or knowledge bases. It comes with several other intuitive and flexible features, so that each business will be able to develop a strategy that works for them.

The benefits of implementing Salesforce Email to Case

The importance of customer support should be known to any respectable business owner, but what makes Salesforce Email to Case right for your needs and what can it do better than traditional methods? The main benefit of this cloud solution is that it provides features specifically for companies that utilize the email as the primary form of communication with clients. Nowadays, more and more people would rather send an email than make a call, so every business should be ready to address these emails in a prompt and professional manner. Besides, it increases the speed of customer support, which leads to a higher satisfaction rate. Modern customers do not want to wait for hours to receive a confirmation that their request was sent, they expect things to be done as quickly as possible. When the staff is organized, they can be more efficient and solve address customer inquiries as quickly as possible. Last, but not least, this solution is scalable and can be chosen by business of all sizes. It does not matter if you have just started your small online store or run a large enterprise. Professional customer service practices will always be important and if there is one aspect to invest in, this is it.

October 2022