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If you are interested in being your own boss and working for yourself, you need to have a grip on some of the basic concepts that show up in the business world. One of them is entrepreneurship, and it refers to the activity of a large part of the business world. Before becoming one, you need to know what is an entrepreneur. In the dictionary, an entrepreneur is someone who organizes and conducts a business and takes some financial risk to that effect. More liberally, an entrepreneur can be someone who has an idea and makes certain sacrifices in order to put it to practice.

The risk is, as with any business – that with all your market research and all your conviction that it will be successful -, that things simply won’t turn out as you imagined them. You still wonder what is an entrepreneur? Some would say it is someone who is able to put to practice an idea exactly as he or she imagined it; someone with visionary qualities, who can foresee what people need before they even realize it, or someone who can convince the people that the products or services they offer are necessary and invaluable. The main difference between an entrepreneur and a simple businessman is that the first can come up with new and innovative ideas, whether they refer to actual products or to marketing strategies, innovative methods to do business and so on.

When it comes to deciding what is an entrepreneur, it is also important to take into consideration qualities such as good managerial skills, leadership and team-building qualities. Because the entrepreneur is an innovator, he or she needs to be able to convince others to risk with them as well. Entrepreneurs don’t only have to convince buyers, but investors, business associates, stockholders and so on. We have to mention here that although there are more male entrepreneurs than female entrepreneurs, this is due to social and economical factors rather than skills and qualities. In fact, studies have shown that both male and female entrepreneurs share much the same qualities, except maybe men have better negotiating skills. However, this latter aspect could also be influenced by society and economy, and most countries in the world are still not very female-oriented when it comes to doing business.

Those who are interested in what is an entrepreneur can also try looking for qualities such as the ability to recognize opportunity and to seize it, or being an open-minded person who can make connections between seemingly unrelated subjects or products and thus, possibly coming up with something new for the business market. Finally, there have also been found connections between the working environment and future career choices. Thus, it was shown that people working with entrepreneurs or close to them would subsequently become entrepreneurs themselves, relying on the experiences they had in this world. The best way of learning a job is by doing it, or by observing someone who does it; so if you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur, we advise you to try learning from someone who is already in the field.

June 2022