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If you manage a shopping centre, you need to figure out a way to attract customers over the school holidays. A promotional event is by far the ideal way to draw attention to your business in this period. As opposed to direct mail marketing, you have the chance to engage with your customers and spread awareness in the local community. However, you should know that planning a promotional event is not similar to planning a party. You have to have good knowledge about clients’ and attendees’ preferences. Surprising or not people love reptiles, so if you want to provide customers something unique, you should consider arranging a reptile show. Retile shows are ideal for shopping centre events as they can attract many visitors.

Do your homework

If you want to show your customers the magic that cold-blooded animals have to offer, start looking for a program ahead of time because finding a performance that is entertaining and at the same time educative is not simple. For the pleasure of visitors, choose a program that includes a number of animals. This way, you will grab the attention of those who are passionate about reptiles and those who are simply curious about local wildlife. To locate reptile shows, view listings on the Internet. You will need to make sure that the crew knows how to take good care of the species and is able to answer the questions of the public. A good idea would be to check the background of the company. After all, you do not want sa company that does not take care of the animals in its care.

What to expect from the reptile show

So, the promotional event is coming in a couple of weeks. Basically, your mall will be full of snakes, lizards, geckos, turtles and other friendly creatures. Additionally, you can expect a number of families together with their children. Children will leave their pets at home only to come see the species that have been gathered under one roof. The goal of their performance is to teach the audience a little something about wildlife, reason why the presentation is made to please all participants. Everyone will get the opportunity to get a good look at these wonderful animals animals and you can be rest assured that the visitors will not forget your event any time soon.

The outcome for your business

If you take advantage of a reptile show, you will attract customers as well as magnetize publicity. The mall is not only an accumulation of shops, but a place that offers entertainment as well. Parents will certainly appreciate that you are keeping their kids occupied with something other than play games while they do the shopping. While the possibilities of promoting your business are endless, not all prospects are as successful as having a wildlife exposition. The point is that you should ensure visitors a date with nature. Your event will definitely be remembered.

August 2022