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If you are a trainer in a big company from the corporate system, you probably agree to the fact that preparing the courses in order to deliver your students the necessary information is quite a demanding task, because you have to keep in mind numerous important aspects. The presentation should be concise and straight to the point, so it would not bore the participants, but provide them useful details instead. Make sure the room is equipped with good quality display boards, video-projector and other tools that are supposed to make your work easier and keep these tips in mind when creating your PowerPoint presentation.

Bullet points should be avoided

One important aspect to consider when designing a board meeting presentation is to avoid bullet points entirely. Experts claim that the use of these bullet points can do more harm than good to your presentation, because people will be tempted to read the text before you even start explaining it and will provide no further interest in what you are going to say.

Stick to a format

When designing the presentation, you should make sure you follow a specific well-crafted format. If you use several formats, you will only make your audience lose track of the information you are providing and they might ask you questions which you have already given the answer to, since they did not pay attention to you. Try to maintain the same format in all your PPT slides.

Never read the slides

It is recommended  not to read what you have written in your slides, because the audience will remember less of what you say than if you had chosen to present the information either only orally or by showing slides. However, if you want to combine the two methods, make sure what you say is slightly different from what you have written in your slides, in other words try to interpret what is written in the slides.

One concept per slide

It is important to remember that you should not put too much information on the same slide, because this might bore your public. Make sure you talk about one concept only on each slide. One great master of this technique was Steve Jobs. He simply showed a picture or a word on one slide and started talking about it.

Know your tech tools

Before entering the presentation room, make sure you know how to use all those tech tools in there, in order to avoid a “presentation technology meltdown”. Learn how to use the projector, the pc and other tools before the day of presentation.

Include video presentation

In some cases, resorting to visual presentation might be a better idea than simply showing some slides that contain nothing but text. Experts advise to include several dynamic slides in the presentation and spread some handouts in the audience in the beginning. This will help you cover all the parts of a presentation and will give your audience confidence that you have put great effort in designing it and offering only relevant information.

Overall, these are some useful tips to help you with this matter.

October 2022