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Office pets are the best addition to a work environment, especially these days when everyone is stressed out and overwhelmed by work. Cats and dogs are the most popular office pets because they’re cute, cuddly, and can make people happy. You cannot hold your smile when you cross paths with a friendly cat or dog. but how can you pick the perfect pet for your office? Because at the end of the day you must ensure that they fit into the group and your workers are happy with having them around.

Dogs and cats as office pets

Before adopting a pet for your office, you should ask the dyrlege nittedal for recommendations because they can tell you what breed is more suitable to live in the kind of environment you have at the office.

A dog would require a little work because someone would have to walk them outdoors if you don’t have a yard where they can spend time. Depending on the breed you adopt they can also grow large and cause intentional damage to tools, equipment, furniture and décor. But you can prevent this from happening if you take them to training from a young age. You can also take them to dyrlege. However, you workers may enjoy the fact that they can take break to walk the dog.

A cat is a great addition to any office environment because they’re low maintenance and don’t need outdoor walks. They can thrive in any setting, and can befriend other pets. They need a litter box, water and food, but you don’t have to worry about getting them for walks. However, as they’re smaller they may get into spaces they shouldn’t get into like behind equipment units and computers.

Both cats and dogs are great for band mascots and you can use them to promote your company as a pet-friendly one. However, remember that if they get sick you need to take them to a rehabilitering hund to treat them.  

Why should you adopt a pet for your office?

The employees who work in an office that has a pet mascot have a higher morale. Morale is difficult to maintain in a busy office, and it can go from high in the morning to very low in the afternoon. But if you bring a pet o the office it can maintain the morale at a high consistent level. Pets also function as icebreakers between new employees and old ones because they engage people into conversation. The presence of a cat or a dog in the office gives them a reason to stop and chat with their co-workers about something different than their work-related tasks.

Stress can affect your workers in multiple ways, and even deter their performance. An office pet can boost the happiness levels and encourage them to play with them and loosen up. Because your employees are more relaxed, they can focus better on their tasks and be more productive.

And let’s not forget that if you market them as your brand mascot they can improve customer relations and draw more customers.


January 2022