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Fall slowly fades away and winter makes its steps fast to the continent, so a business owner should figure out how to surprise his customers for Christmas. Because organizing such a project takes time, never is too early to find some amazing ideas about thanking the customers for their loyalty. These surprises have the goal to attract more sales in the holiday season and a happy customer is the key to success. The simplest way to say “Thank you” to a customers is to send him a card which has written on it a note and a Merry Christmas ribbon tied at one of the corners.

Give a surprise party

The last moths of the year do not need a reason to throw a party. These are the months when almost anyone waits to be invited to a party and why should not be you the host. By making time to spend priceless moments with your customers, you show them the human part of your business. It is your opportunity to connect with them at a personal level, and also assures you that the majority of them will return next year to buy from you.


Give them a book

Pick one or more of the books that impressed you during the last years and write “Thank you” and the name of your company on the first page of every book. Wrap it in coloured ribbon, if you used a certain colour when you designed the logo of your firm, buy ribbons in that colour, make little bows and tie them on the books, they will give a more elegant look to your gift.


Start a loyalty program

Select the most loyal customers of your company and give them some VIP rewards. Your gifts should not be very complex, keep it simple and offer them something specific to your domain. The next option is to give them a discount to a service or product or an annual discount which they can use in the winter holiday.


Send a treat

You can replace the book with a cookie box.  They are universally loved and on holiday season, the majority of manufacturers write nice messages on the boxes, like “Thank you!” or “Just for you!”. Be aware that some of your clients may not like sweets so you can replace the cookie box with a fruit bouquet.


A charitable gift

There are clients who will be more impressed to see that you honour their fidelity by giving something back to the world. You can use your creativity in this project and give them a memorable charitable gift. Do some research and find what their domain is, you will easily decide whether to choose an animal’s shelter, an orphanage or to plant trees in the local park.


Give them a reason to laugh

Christmas gifts should make people happy, so if you have creative employees, ask them to make some personalized and funny gifts for your customers. Let them play with Photoshop and place your client into the setting of a famous movie. This picture can be sent as a post card with your company’s greetings attached to the photo. You can email your customers a picture which presents them as the main character starring in Merlin. A thanking gift has not to be expensive, but to be sent from the heart, and the receiver will appreciate it without thinking at its value.

June 2022