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Raising chickens produces delicious eggs for morning breakfast, but on the other hand selling them to others can turn out to be a profitable venture. Taking into consideration that at present consumers are willing to make substantial payments just to savour farm-fresh eggs, it would be unfortunate not to profit. The amount of money you stand to make if you go into the egg business will be sufficient to be able to pay for organic chicken feed, supplements and other costs. You can start with just a dozen layers and wait for the word to get out. The moment people start telling their friends about you, you are in business. To ensure your success, consider the following things.

Make sure there is a market

Although many people think that it is necessary to start with the budget, what is most important is to make sure that there is a market for home grown eggs in the area. This means that you should research the prices practised by the competition, reason for which looking at egg offerings is useful. Moreover, find out if the chickens are fed organically. Many farmers let hens stay all day out on the grass to eat bugs and give them dairy to strengthen the egg’s shell. In addition to this, some states have exceptions when it comes to selling eggs on a small scale. In Tasmania for instance, producers who sell less than 20 dozen eggs per week are not even charged license fees or registration costs.

Grow a top-quality product

Regardless of all the market research you do or the mastery of regulations, your egg business will not take flight unless you can produce an excellent product. The key is choosing expert layer chickens and the right kind of feed. While day-old chicks will require about eighteen weeks of care before starting to lay eggs, young pullets that are about 18 or 20 weeks are just perfect because at this age they are ready to start laying eggs. But what about the feed? No matter the breed that you choose to raise, it is important to raise the hens organically if you want them to produce organic eggs and make profit. This means that you have to feed them organic feed for the rest of their lives. Although you might be tempted to grow your own chicken feed, you are better off purchasing feed in bulk. You should diversify the diet of the hens with a range of commercial chicken feed.

Promotion and delivery

Your hens are doing their job and so should you do yours too. The next thing that you should consider is promoting your services because you cannot rely anymore on word-of-mouth. While it is the cheapest form of advertising, it is not the most effective one. There is no harm in advertising in a local newspaper or even considering setting up a website. On the other hand, you have to think about distribution too. You have the possibility of setting up an honour stand together with cartoon filled with eggs or sells the eggs to the local market. It is your choice after all. Just make sure that the eggs come out clean and gather them regularly throughout the day.

June 2022