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Depending on the type of the company you are managing, you have to consider some specific aspects to improve its efficiency and to respect the local regulations. You have to invest in safe equipment, for assuring your employees that they will not be hurt during the manufacturing process, also, you have to provide them trainings for teaching them how to use different types of machines, and how they should act in certain situations. It is very important to have well-trained employees in order to achieve performance, but all these aspects will not provide you improved performance if you forget to consider the safety and health regulations. If your company implies activities, which lead to the production of fume and dust, which might affect the health of your employees, you should consider installing a LEV system and contract a company to come and handle the periodical LEV Testing. There might be many companies, on the market, that provide these services, but you have to follow some key steps to be sure that you collaborate with a reliable one.

Make a list

It is very important to consider all the companies from the market, when looking for a partner, because this is what this company will become, your partner. It will help you be aware if the system you implement for offering your employees a healthy environment works, and in case it experiences different issues, they will advise you how you should act to improve its performance. You might have heard that a certain company is the best in this domain, or that another one is the oldest, but you should have access to complete information when choosing one.

Check the experience

Some of the companies might be for a long period on the market, but you have to be sure that they have experience in doing these tests. You should know that some companies change their working area through years, and even if the company is listed on the market for a long time, you have to be sure that it has experience in exactly this domain. Also, when contacting it for finding more details, you should ask about the experience of the person who will come to check the state of your system, because it is very important to be an expert. These systems are quite complex, and the testing regulations are very strict, so you have to be sure that the person who comes to do yours, does it properly and you will not experience any issue in the future.

Check the reviews and testimonials

It is important to see what other clients have to say about certain companies, because some of them pay a lot of money for marketing campaigns, and you might find them listed in the top of the best firms from the domain, but this does not mean that the customers are contempt with the services they provide. You should take a look at the testimonials and reviews to see what advantages and drawbacks the collaboration with every of the companies would have.

August 2022