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Apple is, without any doubt, one of the greatest technology companies in the world. The firm has its headquarter in Cupertino, California, and even if it started as a mere personal computer manufacturer, it has gradually expanded and has now a huge market reach. Besides the Mac line of computers, Apple is also well known for their performing iPhones, not to mention their latest gadget, the Apple Watch, which has revolutionized the world of technology. However, it seems that that the company has not exhausted all its resources, since Apple news and rumours about the launching of a new product, an updated TV, have started to appear recently. For this reason, people have been asking questions about whether to buy the existing model or wait for the release of the new one in 2015, and the opinions of experts are spread.

What happens with the new Apple TV?

The latest generation of the Apple TV was launched on the 7th of March 2012, and ever since, people all around the world have expected the release of the updated model. Even if the existing one incorporates higher resolution than the video standard, users keep asking when it will be updated. The curiosity is even bigger taking into consideration that the iPhone has been improved annually, not to mention about the tablets or MacBook line. In January 2013, everybody was expecting the official announcement related to the TV, which is why the increasing curiosity is completely justified. People all around the world are wondering why it takes so long for Apple to update the TV, and this, of course, has raised a lot the expectation level. There are plenty of speculations about the features of the upcoming version, but the official information is yet to be confirmed by the representatives of the company.

Will the new version be available in September?

Those who are passionate about technology have probably found out the rumours according to which the new iPhone will also be released in September. And this is actually pretty legit, if you think about the pattern built in the past years. This is why most people also think that the updated Apple TV will also become available from September. Some sources (which are considered to have relevant information about Apple’s plans) seem to have said that the official announce during the annual iPhone even will also include the TV. In spite of the fact that this information seems to have a lot of credibility, even if the Apple TV is launched in September, the TV subscription service may take a while until it is completely ready.

Which are the new features of the new version?

Although official data has not been released yet, the expectations are directly proportional with the waiting period. For this reason, the changes should affect not only the design of the gadget (slimmer chassis, new innards and so on), but also its features (a “drastically improved” remote, touch-pad inputs, greater on-board storage, performing operating system, supporting Siri voice control).

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