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The Business Tips section of our website deals with helping you in a more practical manner to achieve your goals and purposes. Here you can find useful information about how to deal with various situations in your business-making, with how to open a business, how to make sure your business stays successful or with how to build a career for yourselves. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the management skills you would need in order to be a good manager, whether it’s about managing your own business, or acting as manager within a larger company. We recently published several articles detailing what management is and what management consulting is, and with this article we further complete that information.

To begin with, one doesn’t become a good manager just by taking the right courses and going to the appropriate university. There are qualities a person must have, and a certain way of thinking and of using his/her brain in order to manage all sorts of issues and situations. For example, one of the best management skills you should have is being a people-person, because this is the main activity of your job; you interact with people all day, so you must know how to “read” them and see what they expect of you, and how to approach them so that you get what you want from them. It is a form of manipulation, but not a malevolent one; it is more like a strategy, and it is something all of us basically do every day in our interactions with people.

Another one of the management skills you need to have is political; this is closely related with what we were mentioning above. A manager has to be able to create connections and to build a power base within the company, but outside of it as well. As a manager, you also deal with customers or business partners, and having the right people at your side will help you achieve your and your company’s goals. This skill can also be called networking; depending on your company’s profile, you need to have certain relations; even knowing and keeping a good communication relationship with a competitor can be useful.

Management skills have to be conceptual as well; you need to be creative and apt for abstract thinking, because you will be faced with many situations where theory doesn’t apply, or for which theory has no answer. As a manager, you can be faced with logistic problems every day, and some of them may not be part of your experience; that is why you must be able to think on your feet and take fast decisions, even with the risk of doing something wrong. It is better to take a bad decision than no decision at all. You also need to have good diagnostic skills so you can analyze and understand complex situations and finding the right answers for them.

Furthermore, depending on your area of activity and the company’s profile, you need to have technical skills. This means knowing and understanding what your company does, how it does things and what its goals are. Thus, you need expertise in your domain, such as understanding how a software program works if you are employed by an IT company. As a manager, you are like the mother of a company, whereas the director or CEO is like the father. The mother deals with solving problems in detail, with micromanagement if you will; she sees where the company hurts and tries to make it all better, whereas the father, or director, takes the big decisions and deals with macro-management.

We hope this article will be useful to many if you, and that it will help you orient well in your journey towards building a stable and successful career!

May 2022