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Having a jewellery store is a huge responsibility, because you know that you cannot afford to lose any one of the items you have listed on sale. If other stores do not mind if they are not able to find a pair of jeans or other items, you will get yourself in great financial problems if one of your jewelleries disappear. So, you should do your best to protect and insure them. Sometimes even the best security program fails, and burglars are able somehow to enter the store. High value jewellery is an example of items that benefit tremendously if you choose to insure them. Not only that the items are valuable, but the majority of them are portable and small and they are easy to steal or lose. So whether you have diamonds jewelleries, gold necklaces or other expensive items, you should make sure that you talk with an insurer from the moment you intend to purchase the items, because you have to be sure that they are safe and secure when they get to your store.

You can extend the insurance coverage for the valuable items

You have expensive items in your store, so it is advisable to opt for a special coverage for them, because the regular one is not sufficient. In case you have a regular one, then you should talk with the provider and ask them to extend the limit that you receive now. The result is that your items will be insured against a bigger loss, and you will receive money from the insurance, if they are lost. The exact sum to which you will be able to extend the coverage is up to the company you collaborate with.

You can opt for scheduled items insurance

In case you do not consider important to insure all the items from your store, then you have the possibility to make a list with the most valuable ones and get insurance policy for them. Scheduling insurance comes with many benefits, because it increases the money limit coverage and it protects you against virtually any type of loss. You should check with the insurance company, because there are some specific exclusions, and it is better to know them from the beginning.

Why do you need jewellery insurance?

Working in this domain should have brought you some knowledge on the fact that jewellery is a prime target for theft and it is easy to lose a valuable item like this. It is better to protect both you and your business from any negative financial impact, because losing the items from the store will affect your bank account.

Talk with an expert

In order for the valuable items to be properly insured, you should make sure that the insurer determines the right sum for them. You should know that the company will definitely ask you to prove the value of the jewellery items, and even if they do not ask for it at the beginning, in case of theft or loss they will require it.

August 2022