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Building surveys are often a complicated business, not necessarily because the topic is rather difficult to comprehend, but because people don’t understand the purpose or the need. Sometimes, these reports might end up helping you more than you ever thought. The Commercial Energy Performance Certificate is probably the best example there is. The term commercial EPC is not familiar to most individual, which is why putting it under the magnifying glass might be a good idea. This way, building surveys will make a lot more sense. So, take a look at what this investigation is all about and what great advantages it can bring.

What are Commercial EPCs?

As you might have noticed, most commercial buildings are housed by old buildings. Although there are clear rules regarding energy efficiency, old building owners find it difficult to comply with them. They are firm believers that all changes made to the building will be over priced and the investment will be hard to recover. At the same time, the energy problems are also complicated to identify. The good news is that a commercial EPC can help you in this regard. It can bring forward a carefully realised analysis of the building and problems will be adequately identified. All energy loses will be brought to the owner’s attention. Old buildings have a lot of energy, which can be translated into expenses. Instead of constantly losing money, you could gain by replacing the energy system.

What are the benefits?

It is very important to make these surveys, because they can bring forward real advantages. Often, people fail to see the beneficial nature of these surveys, as the only thing they notice is price. So, maybe it is time to disclose some of the benefits. The first thing you will be obtaining as a result of the survey is knowledge. You will understand how the building loses energy and how much. You will properly identify the problems and with them, you will be able to find solutions. Also, speaking of solutions, the team that will assess the building will also deliver answers. You will be several solutions to your problem, which is exactly what interests you. This is what you wanted to find out in the first place, the means to correct a problem and remove expenses or as many of them as possible. With a carefully made report, this is what you will be getting.

Who can perform the surveys?

So far you have heard about what commercial EPC can bring, but do you know who performs them? Do you know who has the power to make these reports? In order to obtain adequate, appropriate pieces of information, you need to locate a team of experts that can assess the building for you. These experts must have experience to properly identify issues and interpret them. At the same time, they should be certified. It is crucial to work with real, top specialists and nothing below. Doing so, you will have a lot to gain.


August 2022