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If you’re thinking of going into business for yourself, you’re probably wondering what the market can support without that big of a competition. Starting a bakery is a great option because there is always a demand for fresh-baked produce. However, before taking a decision, make sure the area where you live or where you want to open shop isn’t already supplied; if there are already other bakeries in the area, the competition will be too great and you risk failing. To help you learn how to start a bakery business, here are some tips and advice that you can start applying immediately.

  • Be qualifiedYou cannot learn how to start a bakery business unless you are a top baker; you may be good enough to cook and bake for your family, but that doesn’t mean you are qualified to produce commercial products. Take a bakery course and learn about all the types of pastry you can make, or invest in hiring someone who already has the right qualifications.
  • Find your identity – Since there are so many bakeries already, you need to come up with something new in order to attract customers. See what other bakeries in your area are doing and find out which of them are more successful. Perhaps the location of your bakery is perfect for selling various types of breads, but if others already supply this need you can find another niche. Desserts or specialty items could be your strength and bring about a new set of customers.
  • Location is vital – While there may be a need for bakeries, the location where you open yours could mean success or failure. You can choose a location where there are already other shops, so there are always people shopping, but only if yours is going to be the only bakery. Other than that, look for spots that are near office spaces, or recently developed suburbs where there’s a growing demand for stores.
  • Financial plan – No business can exist without one, so make sure you include all your costs and the sums you expect coming in. This means you have to create a menu of products and price them based on what you invest in making them, adding a profit depending on the location and quality of the products.
  • The right equipment – In order to be productive, you need good equipment, but you can always over- or under-invest unless you make accurate calculations. You should always buy the best and most performing equipment, even though initial investment is high. This will help you avoid sanitary issues and make the best products, thus increasing the value of your business.
  • Publicity and marketing – Besides finding a good name for your business, you can never learn how to start a bakery business unless you invest time and money into marketing. Hire a consultant if you can afford one, and spread pamphlets and leaflets about your business before opening. The pamphlets could also include a special offer that could act as an incentive to new customers. It is also good to create some daily special offers, and they could be based on, or inspired from the types of customers you see coming everyday. Perhaps you could make a special offer for offices that make large orders every day.

These are the best advices we could think of to help you learn how to start a bakery business. Remember that you create a product people consume directly, so they rely on you to operate under extremely sanitary conditions. Finally, an online presence can help you a lot, especially if you want to expand towards taking take-out orders.

September 2021