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The services of a salon are the ones that will make or break its entire success. Since people these days have so many options to choose from in terms of beauty services, not to mention to salon products that they can now purchase themselves, those who do choose to visit a salon, often do so for the experience itself. They expect to be pampered and treated with friendliness and professionalism at the same time. To this extent, if you want to improve your customer service and increase the return rate, here are a few tips that you should follow:

Respect your appointments

Everyone hates to wait when they get to a salon before they are seen by their stylist, especially when they took the time to make an appointment in the first place. If the appointments are not kept properly, the image of your salon will definitely suffer. This is why you might want to invest in a hair salon app, as it will help you manage your appointments easier and confirm or alter anything as you need, without worrying about disrupting something else. Many times when using the classic pen and paper system, appointments get mixed up, but if you keep everything with the help of a dedicated app, you will see how your services begin to improve as well.


Create a pleasant atmosphere in the salon

Clients expect to forget about their problems during the hour they spend at the hair salon, so you should do your best to create a friendly environment where they can have fun and enjoy their time spent. Choose some nice music, instruct your stylists to always have a smile on their faces and avoid conflicts between employees at all costs. While some amount of gossip is great for any salon, because it can entertain customers, direct and open fights are a no-no, as they will disrupt the harmony of your clients and deter them from visiting your salon the next time they need a haircut.


Always have products and accessories in stock

Fewer things can be more annoying than visiting a salon and not receiving everything you wanted. You should make sure you always have all the hair dye colors from your catalogue and all the others accessories that might be necessary during a styling session. Again, a good way to keep track of your inventory would be to use a hair salon app that allows you to keep track of your inventory and find out when you need to restock your products. Even though the clients might not always notice that you always have everything they need, as soon as you do not have something, they will certainly be bothered and think twice before visiting your salon again.


These are just a few tips that you should consider following if you want your salon to continue to be successful and your business to grow. Customer service is something that all businesses put a great deal of importance on lately, because competition is higher than ever and they need to maintain their standards high in order to keep their clients and gain new ones.

June 2022