How to have low personnel costs and happy customers at the same time

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When opening or managing a small business, there is nothing more important than to make your customers happy especially since they are your main revenue source and your company employees almost always have direct contact with each and every one of them. Avoid making the same mistakes as others and take your firm to the next level by adopting the innovative means of technology that make some of today’s businesses so successful while others simply can barely recover their deposits. Having low personnel costs and happy clients at the same time is neither impossible, nor hard to achieve once you figure out a great trick which we are about to unveil to you: the use of dedicated software and apps, such as a modern salon booking system for the businesses in the beauty services industry. Read more about this solution below!

Smaller costs with the employee base

The trick to spending less with your employees is to help them optimize their tasks so that they can finish quicker and either dedicate the extra time to customer satisfaction or forget about asking for extra hours all the time because they haven’t completed their work on time. By using online apps like the one in the example above, salons from all over the country can see major improvements. These specialised systems are accessible from any device, thus proving a high level of mobility, they sync automatically via gadgets and can be used basically anywhere there is a working Internet connection. The costs on your part will be smaller not only because the staff will require less extra hours, but also because the inventory will be controlled and managed far more easily. Instead of paying external accountants or implementing expensive software, just use a booking technology and reap the benefits of the additional savings.


Happier and more satisfied clients all the time

The beauty with having less workload on the shoulders of your staff members also comes from the fact that there will be far less room for human error in the equation. How many times have you went to a salon and even if you’ve gone to that place for years, the stylist still asks you how you like your fringe cut or when was the last time you dyed your hair. These embarrassing situations can be avoided with the help of these apps that keep records of customer preferences, most appreciated formulas or favourite services. They offer personnel members many useful tools such as reminders, appointment confirmations and history of previous sessions so that the client retention is maximized and everyone who walks through the door leaves with a smile on their face.


May 2022